Habib Jewels adds a golden shine to the Year of the Ox

Habib Jewels adds a golden shine to the Year of the Ox

Local jeweller lets you have a dazzling Chinese New Year

In spite of the somewhat challenging times surrounding us these days, there’s definitely no doubt that the upcoming Chinese New Year is a moment that goes all out in dedication to prosperity and abundance for the coming lunar new year of the Ox. This is, of course, marked by wonderful cuisine, spiffy new clothing, the quintessential exchange of red packets and not, forgetting, the display of fabulous jewellery.

After all, buying ‘something eye-catching’ is a long-standing new year tradition from ancient China. So, in anticipation of the rush for all things exclusive, bright and shiny to mark the lunar year of the Metal Ox, local purveyors of fine jewellery, Habib, has taken the lid off its Chinese New Year 2021 celebration with the unveiling of its Auspicious Blooms collection, the Ox Limited Edition 999 Gold Wafer and the Ox Edition 999 Gold Bar.

To start things off nicely, looks like the classic abacus has been turned into voguish statement jewellery to set the fashion trend this time around. This interesting spin of the abacus premiers a new addition to Habib’s own brand of Oro Italia 916 collection. In case you didn’t already know, the abacus is an ancient tool used as a calculator for many centuries. And, in Chinese belief, the abacus is closely associated with money and prosperity, bringing wealth and the luck of success.

And just as with all other exclusive Habib Oro Italia 916 gold jewellery, this gold abacus range is beautifully hand-finished with cutting edge jewellery technology from Italy (diamond cut, high-polish and matte finish), thus creating wonderfully fine intricate details on each moveable bead.

Then, with its Auspicious Blooms collection, Habib truly believes that flowers in full bloom aptly amplifies good fortune, peace and joy. So, it hopes that many generous souls out there will share this gift of happiness with loved ones. Meanwhile, since the Ox Limited Edition 999 Gold Wafer is beautifully set to represent the arrival of the Metal Ox Year, the precious gold wafer’s packaging is especially finished in red to give it the finishing touch of an ang pow.

Of course, there are some out there who only care for much bigger stakes. So, for those with a higher investment appetite, Habib has also launched the Ox Edition 999 Gold Bar that weighs in at a rather hefty 5g each. These feature a handsome bull about to drink from a calm river – poetically representing a moment of reflection and rest after a day’s hard work.

Should all this whet your appetite for something precious to buy as a gift, or to reward yourself, then do take note that Habib is all set to make special arrangements to make any purchase a completely stress-free and delightful experience, in spite of the unique conditions imposed by the current movement restrictions. All you need to do is to call up the nearest Habib showroom’s hotline number for a personalised viewing appointment at your convenience.

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