Grand Seiko and Credor Masterpieces On Display At Newly Opened Seiko Boutique in Mid Valley Megamall

Grand Seiko and Credor Masterpieces On Display At Newly Opened Seiko Boutique in Mid Valley Megamall

Grand Seiko and Credor masterpieces showcase the best in watchmaking innovation.

Watch connoisseurs in Malaysia are in for a treat as a special selection of Grand Seiko and Credor timepieces will be on display at the newly opened Seiko boutique by AWG Fine Watches in Mid Valley Megamall. This is the brand’s second boutique after it opened its first boutique in Sunway Pyramid in 2017.

The event saw the participation of Thong Sia Group, the sole distributor of Seiko in Malaysia, as they worked with Seiko Watch Corporation and AWG Fine Watches to bring high-quality timepieces to its customers.

Grand Seiko SBGK005 is part of the Elegance Collection – Limited to only 1,500 pieces in the world

Since Grand Seiko’s debut in 1960, the brand has revolutionised the watchmaking industry with its timepieces that embody precision, accuracy, legibility and simplicity in its make and design. Among the notable timepieces introduced during the event was the Grand Seiko SBGK005 dress wristwatch. Powered by the Caliber 9S63, it is an exciting new hand-wound movement since its last introduction in 2011.

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When looked deeper and longer, this elegant watch with 72-hour power reserve gets even more fascinating as it opens up in time revealing all its intricate details. Like any other Grand Seiko watches, the finishing is meticulous with razor-sharp hands and their dial is a feature that never goes unnoticed – with SBGK005, it is a deep blue colour with Grand Seiko’s trademark of textured Mt. Iwate pattern.

Grand Seiko SBGC231 – limited to only 500 pieces in the world

If you want a sportier-looking timepiece there is the Grand Seiko SBGC231 that brings together the Spring Drive chronograph movement with a GMT function from the Sport Collection. With the availability of only 500 pieces in the world, the watch fits amazingly well on the wrist and is built to be as robust and durable as it can be. All this while Grand Seiko has been recognized for their phenomenal dials – this model once again proves just what the brand can achieve and more. The olive green dial pattern is the result of a hand-carved stamp inspired by a lion’s mane and has three-dimensionality to it; it gets even more interesting when the watch is moved.

Grand Seiko SBGD201J from the Masterpiece Collection with 8-Day Power Reserve

Aside from the two limited edition Grand Seiko models, eyes were fixated at one of the masterpieces showcased – the platinum Grand Seiko SBGD201J. In addition to being pleasant on the wrist, this Zaratsu polished watch is a piece of art with its stellar diamond-dust dial that symbolizes the winter morning in the Suwa region, near the Micro Artist Studio where this watch is made. This model truly represents the remarkable Japanese craftsmanship in all its glory with its sharp well-defined edges and incredible finish.

The rose gold Grand Seiko SBGD202J with a unique black dial

The second model that incorporates the 8-day Spring Drive Caliber 9R01 is the remarkable three-hand rose gold SBGD202J. One of the most distinctive features of this mesmerizing model that sets it apart from the rest is its unique black dial dusted with tiny gold particles that represent the beautiful starry sky at night. Thanks to a special process that combines both plating and painting, the razor-sharp rose gold hour markers and hands are simply irresistible.

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A Peek Into The World of High Horology

Credor – The Spring Drive Sonnerie GBLQ998J

The event represents the first time Credor timepieces were officially introduced in Malaysia. Present at the event were three Credor timepieces, the Spring Drive Sonnerie (GBLQ998J) and the Spring Drive Eichi II in two variants – GBLT999J (platinum) and GBLT998J (rose gold). The watches will be on display in the boutique for a limited time only from 8 August to 10 August.

Without a doubt, the centrepiece of the collection has to be the Spring Drive Sonnerie from Credor, boasted to produce the purest sound ever produced by a timepiece. This aesthetically pleasing model marks the time by chiming a softly tinkling ‘hanging’ bell that resonates with the Japanese cultural heritage. With a power reserve of 48 hours, this movement itself consists of over 600 individual parts that were immaculately hand-assembled and finished.

Credor – The Spring Drive Eichi II in two variants – GBLT999J (platinum) and GBLT998J (rose gold)

The Spring Drive Eichi II exhibits understated elegance and comes in two variants – GBLT999J and GBLT998J in platinum and rose gold respectively. This model is a redesigned version of the first Eichi model released in 2008, to demonstrate the ultimate ability of SEIKO to produce a product that is indisputably Japanese. Drawing inspirations from the snowy landscapes of winter in the mountainous region where the timepiece is made, the three-hand Eichi II boasts a refined visual expression in its simplicity with hand-painted pure white porcelain dial. While both are made with much finesse, the most noticeable difference between the two variants lies in the dial markers; in the rose gold version, the markers are of very dark charcoal, exuding subtle hint of warmth. Even more interestingly, the 12-hour indices and Credor logo are also all hand-painted one-by-one, with its movement hand-finished by master craftsmen and women.

In conjunction with the official opening of its new boutique, there is a Seiko and Grand Seiko roadshow that will run from now until 11 August 2019 on the Ground Floor, Center Court, Mid Valley Megamall. The five masterpieces of both Grand Seiko (SBGD202J and SBGD201J) and Credor (GBLQ998J, GBLT998J and GBLT999J) are available for booking at Seiko boutiques and other authorized resellers in Malaysia.

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