Giorgio Armani’s New Made To Order Service Offers Personalised Elegance To Not Just Men, But women

Shoppers can now customise garments from each season’s collection.
by Yanni Tan

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani, the legendary name synonymous with luxury Italian menswear, has once again elevated the sartorial experience with the introduction of Made to Order (MTO), a bespoke service offering customisation for items from each season’s collection. This marks a significant expansion of the brand’s renowned Made to Measure men’s suiting offerings, catering not only to the boys but also extending its repertoire to ladies.

At the core of this new service is the opportunity for customers to select items from the current available lines, such as blazers, trousers, skirts, shirts, and coats, and imbue them with personal touches. With an array of options including linings, piping, and buttons, customers can curate garments that reflect their individual style sensibilities while enjoying the hallmark quality and craftsmanship associated with Armani.

Female customers can choose pieces ranging from day to evening wear (Credit: Giorgio Armani)

Several key elements of luxury tailoring underscore this service. Several outfit silhouettes are available, with different lapel, button and pocket combinations. For trousers, they will feature details for the utmost comfort, such as reinforced pockets or button flies, or a pleated waistband to adapt to the client’s body size.

In addition to classic fabrics like Prince of Wales, herringbone and houndstooth, as well as materials seen in the Giorgio Armani ready-to-wear collections, other choices include vicuna and wools with a thread count that makes them finer than cashmere. The fabric selection also includes certified sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and linen, Nativa wool with certified quality and traceability, and recycled cupro.

Giorgio Armani

Credit: Giorgio Armani

Made to the highest standards, every suit is adorned with visible custom details like hand-stitching on lapels and functional sleeve buttonholes, although there are certainly other hidden elements, such as a natural canvas made of horsehair and goat’s hair. Interfacings are sewn to ensure that jackets feel light and fluid when worn. And the use of natural materials means that these garments boast more efficient heat retention and disposal, while possessing tremendous powers of recovery should they be squashed in luggage or caught in the rain.

Beyond suits, the possibilities for women extend to a diverse range of daytime and eveningwear options, from trousers and vests to dresses and tuxedo jackets, all meticulously crafted from the finest materials such as silk cady, wool crepe, cashmere, and velvet.

Available at the Giorgio Armani boutique in Takashimaya Shopping Centre, the MTO service is not merely a transactional process; it embodies the essence of luxury through a personalised journey. Customers are invited to partake in the design process, guided by highly trained staff who assist in selecting fabrics, styles, and detailing.

This story originally published on The Peak Singapore.

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