Joo Ann Lam, Director, Oasis Platform

“About 10 years ago, I happened to walk past a Bulgari boutique and fell head over heels in love with the Serpenti. It was a beautiful bangle and, when I first laid eyes on it, there was a moment of instant attraction – I remember thinking, ‘Wow. That’s the one!’ There was something about its sinuous form and the way it wraps around my wrist that makes me feel like a sensuous woman – confident and alluring. Honestly, who could deny the charms of such an iconic piece?

“Since then, I’ve been steadily growing my collection with the Serpenti and, soon, my appreciation for Bulgari’s beautifully designed jewellery grew as well. I have no idea exactly how many of the jeweller’s pieces I have in my collection, but let’s just say I have enough to set up a boutique of my own!

“At the moment, I am taken in by a fabulous Monete necklace from the Bulgari Magnificent Inspirations High Jewellery Collection. This is an absolutely gorgeous pink gold necklace with a silver coin surrounded by rubies and diamonds. When I came across this necklace, I remember the desire to put it on overwhelmed me as much as it did with my very first Serpenti, and owning this piece has brought me immense happiness.

“I love jewellery and I’m not shy about wearing them! After all, they’re an investment in myself. I work hard and, so, I reward myself equally well. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why I adore these precious pieces, but what I can say is how much I love the way they make me feel. When I put on a piece of jewellery, I feel like a woman; it completes me. I consider jewellery as my own personal talismans. Whenever I find myself feeling blue, I simply put on my bijouterie and immediately feel on top of the world. You could say they add sparkle to my life!”

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