Bvlgari’s latest jewellery collection is a dazzling Garden of Eden on the wrist

Bvlgari unveils five unique timepieces that bloom with the iridescence of precious coloured stones.
by Charmian Leong

Bvlgari Eden

For two dazzling nights in June, the Embassy of Italy in Paris was transformed into a brilliant garden. Flowers and foliage both real and faceted, blooming and twinkling around the glitterati in attendance at Bvlgari’s high jewellery show.

Finally, the rest of the world can enjoy the luscious fruits of this event as well.

Bvlgari Eden, The Garden of Wonders, is a celebration of nature’s vibrant colours though a collection of over 140 precious pieces, including more than 30 creations dedicated to emeralds — a first for the brand. Accompanying the jewellery collection are five dazzling timepieces that showcase the brand’s know-how in gem-setting and timekeeping.

A collection inspired by nature


They present the first two pieces with matching necklaces. Firstly, the Emerald Venus takes inspiration from a Mediterranean fern known as capelvenere (or “Venus’ Hair” in Italian). It is a platinum bracelet watch that presents 47 carats worth of diamonds and emeralds. Taking some 900 hours of work to complete, the white gold dial is visible through a faceted mint green tourmaline.

A feast for the eyes

In addition, like the necklace, the Blooming Beauty watch displays Colombian emeralds, Paraiba tourmalines, diamonds, and pink and purple spinels that appear to blossom around a snow-set diamond dial. A mint green tourmaline covers the delicate watch face.

The beauty of gemstones and the skill of jewellers are rightfully emphasised by high jewellery watches, which often use small quartz movements to make room for more bling. Two pieces in the collection are equipped with mechanical movements, which makes them remarkable rarities.

Intricate craftmanship by artisans at Bvlgari

The Giardino Dell’Eden Piccolissimo uses Bvlgari’s new Piccolissimo micro movement that is just 12mm wide and 2.5mm thick, making it one of the daintiest calibres around. The Giardino Dell’Eden Tourbillon, on the other hand, is the manufacture’s first high jewellery timepiece to house a tourbillon movement. Set with over 6,500 stones totalling 223 carats, this masterpiece is the result of 4,400 hours of work.

The iconic Bvlgari serpent

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Bvlgari collection without its emblematic snake making an appearance. The final piece is the Serpenti Misteriosi Riviera, a rose gold secret watch laced with rubellites and diamonds that appear to float, thanks to the fil couteau technique.

With two complementary collections that elegantly combine haute joaillerie and haute horlogerie, Bvlgari presents an extraordinary world of light and colour, and a garden we would love to care for.

Images courtesy to Bvlgari.

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This story originally appeared in The Peak Singapore.

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