Boucheron’s Complete Reinvention of the Jewellery Case Rewrites Future In Luxury

Seeing the jewellery case as a precious object, the French maison undertook its redesign for a better world.
by Yanni Tan

Photo: Boucheron

The illustrious history of Boucheron, a maison synonymous with pioneering innovation in high jewellry, continues to evolve with a groundbreaking new release for the modern consumer who cares. Known for a series of firsts — from daring to engrave a diamond to inventing a necklace with no clasp but rather a spring blade — that have reshaped the jewellery industry, Boucheron now unveils a revolutionary jewellery case that marries sustainability with luxurious design.

Continuing its tradition of visionary craftsmanship under the leadership of CEO Helene Poulit-Duquesne, the house turns the concept of a traditional jewellery case on its head. With the launch of its Precious for the Future sustainable development strategy in 2022, Poulit-Duquesne wanted to reconsider the jewellery case, which is considered the most emblematic object in jewellery presentation. “No pack is the new pack” is the ethos behind this bold project, for which Poulit-Duquesne gave her team carte blanche to achieve.

“No pack is the new pack” is the vision of Boucheron CEO Helene Poulit-Duquesne (Photo: Boucheron)

Fearless reimagination

Design experts and engineers were brought into the fold to scrutinise Boucheron‘s former jewellery case, which were deemed too large, too heavy, made in 12 formats using 11 materials, and – above all – non-recyclable. Recognising the need for a more sustainable alternative, the house embarked on a two-year project to reinvent this essential accessory. The result is a collection of seven boxes, crafted from only two materials: aluminum and wool felt.

Aluminum, a material rarely associated with precious jewellery, is a key component of this new design. Known for its strength, lightness, and endless recyclability, the metal is a sustainable choice that aligns perfectly with Boucheron’s eco-design philosophy.

The cases feature a textured surface with finely sculpted emerald-cut shapes, inspired by the beauty kits of the 1980s and the dimensions of the iconic Place Vendome, where brand founder Frederic Boucheron was the first great contemporary jewellery to open a boutique back in 1893. In addition, the case design has been updated — through the replacement of the traditional hinged cover with a more streamlined and user-friendly opening system, eliminating the need for non-recyclable hardware.

Boucheron shaves down its former 12 formats for jewellery cases into just seven (Photo: Boucheron)

Above and beyond

Complementing the aluminum is wool felt, chosen for its soft yet durable properties, as well as its ability to protect delicate pieces without the need for glue or stitching, which also fosters recycling. This material, in Boucheron’s house colour of emerald green, is used to line the new case interiors. The wool used is certified by the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), ensuring that it meets the highest standards of sustainability and animal welfare.

Beyond the materials and case design, the traditional gift packaging has been replaced by a reusable and travel-friendly green pouch, which is made from 65 per cent recycled cotton certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). This practical and stylish choice reinforces the maison’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint.

Every step of the object’s life cycle has been optimised, from the selection of raw materials to their circularity after use. Simplified but profoundly symbolic of luxury for the future, Boucheron‘s new jewellery case — to us — is as collectible and display-worthy as the bejewelled creations it produces.

This story originally published on The Peak Singapore.

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