The PEAK x Aston Martin Kuala Lumpur: Exclusive Showcase Of The Peak Performance

Together with Aston Martin Kuala Lumpur, we hosted an exclusive event for guests to discover the exceptional performance behind the Aston Martin DBX707 and DB12 models.
Aston Martin Kuala Lumpur

Aston Martin Kuala Lumpur

There’s nothing quite like starting a weekday morning with a city cruise in the new Aston Martin DBX707. At least, that’s what The Peak’s guests had a taste of recently when we hosted a special afternoon along with Aston Martin Kuala Lumpur to discover the marque’s DBX707 and DB12 models.

Held at the Aston Martin showroom in Kuala Lumpur, guests were offered a first-hand look into the DBX707 with a test drive experience. Heralded as the most powerful SUV in the world, guests had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of this highly performative vehicle, while discovering the exceptional handling features of the Aston Martin DBX707 that delivers high performance, driving pleasure and a distinctive on-road presence.

While on the road, guests experienced firsthand the DBX707’s powertrain, which features a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 and a 9-speed ‘wet clutch’ automatic transmission, that is capable of managing a higher increased torque loadings compared with a regular torque converter automatic.

Alongside the test drive session, The Peak guests, including past cover stars and various eminent business figures, spent the day exploring Aston Martin’s exceptional engineering and heritage by getting up close and personal with the models on display at the showroom.

There was no better venue to explore the world of Aston Martin than at the showroom, where guests also learned more about the marque’s personalisation and bespoke services as well as the range of models on display.

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