‘Yes Chef,’ with Chef Kevin Wong of Seroja

Hailing from Klang, Chef Kevin Wong helms one of the hottest and most talked-about Singapore-based restaurants in the dining scene: Seroja
Text by Nikola Hassan

Photos Courtesy of Seroja

Inspired by the Malay archipelago, Wong’s much-lauded restaurant concept pays homage to farmers, hawkers, craftsmen and artisans of the region, reflected in the multi-course tasting menu as well as the intricate details of the inspiring restaurant space.

At the age of 29, Wong has already racked up 15 years of experience in the industry – mentored by Chef Franck Putelat, of 2-Michelin-starred Carcassone in France, then honing his finesse at illustrious San Francisco Michelin-starred institutions Coi and Benu, before moving to Singapore and joining Chef Andrew Walsh at Cure, then Chef Sun Kim at Meta. In 2021, Wong was a top 3 finalist at the S. Pellegrino Young Chef Academy Competition.

In this debut edition of our “Yes, Chef” column, we learn about Chef Wong’s favourite flavour, his dream job (if he wasn’t a chef) and about his heroes (fictional and real).

Photos Courtesy of Seroja

1. Describe your cooking style in 3 words

Balanced, punchy, honest

2. Your favourite flavour

Citrus – especially in the dishes that I cook, which are robust and full of flavour; citrus introduces acidity, perfume and brings a freshness to the mind

3. Your go-to kitchen tool (besides a knife)

The hand blender

4. Most underrated ingredient

Dhaal (lentils)

5. Most overrated ingredient


Photos Courtesy of Seroja

6. Best dish you have ever made

At Serjoya, Traders Rice with Beef Percik & Lauk Pauk inspired by the diversity of the Malay Archipelago

7. Is cooking an art or science?


8. If you weren’t a chef, you would be an…

MMA fighter – all my life, I’ve had to battle and I relate to the grit and grind of an MMA fighter. There are similarities between martial arts and cooking when it comes to honing your craft.

9. What is your first food memory

McDonald’s Happy Meal – Chicken McNuggets with a toy inside

10. Food trends – consider or ignore?

Consider – sometimes a trend becomes a movement

Photos Courtesy of Seroja

11. Where do you wish to travel most?


12. Your dream dinner party guests – deceased or alive, please list 5

The people I have the most respect for – my Head Chef Andrew Ou, Franck Putelat (Carcassone), Matthew Kirkley (Belon), Sun Kim (Meta), and Julien Royer (Odette).

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13. Which talent do you wish you had?

A musical ear; being able to play an instrument

14. Who is your favourite hero of fiction?


15. Who are your heroes in real life?

“Matthew Kirkley not only taught me how to cook, but also important lessons in life,” reflects Wong about working with Kirkley, who led the team at Coi to achieving a 3-star Michelin status, and is now Head Chef of Belon in Hong Kong.

16. What is your idea of a perfect meal?

Definitely centred around an open fire – to keep warm and to cook with. Sharing this moment with loved ones and opening a bottle of nice burgundy.

Photos Courtesy of Seroja

17. What is your life motto?

“If I don’t do it, who will?”

18. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Being able to travel, cook and raise awareness about the depth of Malaysian gastronomy. Achieve a Michelin star, and hopefully continue to inspire fellow Malaysians to be proud of our rich and diverse culture through my cooking.


Photos Courtesy of Seroja


7 Fraser Street

01-30/31/32/33 Duo Galleria

Singapore 189356

+65 8522 2926

 Opening Times


Tuesdays to Saturdays, 6pm to 11pm (Last seating at 8:30pm).


Fridays and Saturdays, 12pm to 2:30pm.

Make your reservation here.

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