Elevate Your Living Space With Striking Designs and Eco-chic Elegance

You’ll find the perfect blend of sustainability and style in these standout pieces from the Cassina 2023 collection, soon to arrive at W.Atelier Singapore.

The surface of the Wax, Stone, Light floor and table lamp by Linde Freya Tangelde is handcrafted with wax to give it a unique shape. (Photo: Cassina)

Whether you’re moving into a new place or thinking of redecorating, creating a unique home that reflects your personality is an exciting adventure. It is not just about picking out items – it is crafting a space filled with pieces that tell a story about who you are.

Every year, the Salone del Mobile in Milan offers a world of inspiration for those in search of distinctive home designs. Among this year’s highlights is the 2023 collection from Italian furniture designer Cassina, which combines distinctive design, quality and eco-consciousness.

Cassina CEO Luca Fuso says: “We are always more committed to adopting an increasingly attentive approach to the environment, not just in the development of new projects but also by proposing the great design icons with a more up-to-date and mindful soul.”

So, if you are thinking of giving your living space a fresh new look, here are some standout pieces from Cassina’s collection that you can soon find at local designer furniture store W.Atelier Singapore.

Anchor the living room room with eco-chic furniture


The Moncloud sofa (centre), designed by Patricia Urquiola, comprises recycled PET wadding. (Photo: Cassina)

When setting the stage for your home makeover, consider furniture that not only holds the room together but also conveys eco-conscious appeal.

There’s the Moncloud sofa, an elegant seater designed by renowned Spanish architect, industrial designer and Cassina art director Patricia Urquiola.

“Moncloud is the result of intensive research and development carried out by Cassina,” says Ms Urquiola. “Our aim was to produce a sofa that was extremely soft and comfortable, a ‘cloud’ where one can relax.”

To create its curved shape, the sofa is sculpted in recycled PET  (polyethylene terephthalate) wadding instead of traditional polyurethane moulds – an innovative technique that marks a major design progress in the furniture industry, she adds.

Ms Urquiola explains that the sofa inserts are engineered to be easily separated from other materials, thus simplifying the recycling and recovery processes.

“Furthermore, the sofa is crafted without any glued parts, so it can be completely disassembled at the end of its life cycle.”

Other items in the collection further emphasise this modern, eco-chic ethos. These include “durable” reconstructions of iconic pieces by the esteemed design trio Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand, which were created with circular materials to reduce environmental impact.

For instance, the 5 Canapé Appartement Le Corbusier sofa and the 8 Tabouret tournant stool feature foam parts that are partially derived from organic sources. Meanwhile, the headrest of the 4 Chaise longue a reglage continu comprises recycled PET blown wadding, while the mattress interior is fixed with Velcro that simplifies the disassembly of the product.

Evoke a cosier vibe with innovative mood lighting

The versatile EITIE Lighting System by Tobia Scarpa can be used as a wall, pendant, table or floor lamp. (Photo: Cassina)

Next, consider how lighting can impact your home. A well-chosen lighting fixture doesn’t just illuminate your space; it also accentuates the beauty of your furnishings and shapes the ambiance of the room.

Consider a versatile lighting solution such as the EITIE Lighting System by Tobia Scarpa.  This distinctive and versatile piece can transform into a wall, pendant, table or floor lamp depending on your needs. It features bars of light connected by circular black metal joints, allowing you to adjust lighting angles and effects to create your desired mood.

Another intriguing light fixture is the Wax, Stone, Light floor and table lamp by Linde Freya Tangelder. Made from different-sized Murano glass cubes, the surface of each block is handcrafted with wax to create a distinctive shape. When lit, the central LED tubes illuminate the entire piece, casting warm, inviting light throughout the room.

The new lighting collection by Italian home furnishings designer Cassina, unveiled at this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan. (Photo: Cassina)

Other new light fixtures in the 2023 Cassina Lighting Collection include the Valor.S table lamp and wall light by Philippe Starck, made from hand-painted enamelled ceramic; as well as the playful Fluxus-E table lamp by Paolo Ulian comprised of movable borosilicate glass tubes that can be arranged to look like a blossoming flower or sea anemone.

Unique accessories add decorative flair


The No Vanitas mirror by Patricia Urquiola, featured in Cassina’s 2023 Details Collection. (Photo: Cassina)

The final touch to any home makeover is in the details, so personalise your space with accessories and objects that will add that extra dash of individuality.

Designed as a perfect circle, the No Vanitas mirror by Patricia Urquiola – featured in Cassina’s Details Collection – combines a minimalist aesthetic with a touch of intrigue.

The centre of the piece features a glass murrina – handcrafted by glass artisans – that can be illuminated by a sensor-activated LED light on the back.

“We wanted to create a mirror in which the spectator is no longer the focal point,” says Ms Urquiola. More than a reflective surface, it becomes a point of conversation while paying tribute to the craftsmanship of glass-making.

She adds: “I see No Vanitas not just as a mirror but as a versatile accent, a sculpture in your home that fits seamlessly into the living room, bedroom, or even entryways. With its hybrid nature, it creates a unique atmosphere that transcends the boundaries of normal domestic spaces.”


The food-inspired Taac accessories, designed in collaboration with renowned Italian chef Davide Oldani. Photo: Cassina

Also in the Details Collection are the Taac and Torrecotta accessories designed in collaboration with renowned Italian chef Davide Oldani. Drawing inspiration from the culinary world, the Taac range features enamelled ceramic containers – shaped like a pumpkin, an onion, an asparagus and a chicken – are both functional and decorative. These pieces offer a quirky yet elegant touch to any room, while infusing a sense of fun and creativity with their playful designs.

Likewise, the Torrecotta range of four enamelled pottery objects can be used as bowls, trinket containers and vases, while the lids can pull double duty as a plate or serving dish.

Lastly, tie the room together with the symbolic Tapis La Main Ouverte rug. Individually hand-knotted with 72,300 knots per square metre, it features a seven-colour lithograph of an open hand and highlights the importance of human touch and craftsmanship.

The new Cassina 2023 collection will be available at W.Atelier later this year. Visit W.Atelier’s website to stay updated. 

The W.Atelier showroom is located at #01-01/#03-01, 201 Henderson Road.

In partnership with W.Atelier Singapore.

This story originally published on The Peak Singapore.

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