Look out for the Hottest colours of 2023

Jotun invites you to savour new colours, crafts and creativity.
Text by Corina Tan

Following the theme of curating authentic stories through the world of colour, Jotun has launched their latest Global Colour Collections for 2023. Currently Jotun’s Colour Exhibition is being held at The Paper, APW Bangsar, three new collections designed by Jotun’s Colour Manager, Lisbeth Larson are being introduced for the first time – Serene Presence, Curated Living, and Naturally Grounded.

As colours are known to uplift the mind, body and soul, the month-long activation is held to encourage Malaysians to reflect and refocus on their wellbeing through the immersion of colours and the five senses. Throughout the month, the exhibition is transformed into an experiential space where a variety of curated workshops and special performances ignite the sense of sight, sound and smell as a respite to the hustle and bustle of life and inspiring visitors to share their stories. With colour guiding the way, the showcase is also a space where people can soak in the new colour palette, allowing visitors to visualise first-hand how these colours can be incorporated into their living spaces, bringing untold stories to life.

From live colour consultations with Jotun’s in-house colour experts to live performances by talented local musicians, as well as collaborations with proudly local brands, the Jotun Colour Exhibition is a destination space for all things creative, artistic and inspirational. Live performances from Talitha Tan and Lost Spaces at the recent two Soulful Thursdays has showcased a style of music from these performers that is adapted into a jazz-esque genre to fit with the overarching theme of soothing the mind, body and soul. Upcoming performances will showcase two other artists namely Resort and Tydel.

NYALA’s Pop-up booth at the Jotun colour exhibition

Inspired by the harmony of fragrance and colour, Jotun has also collaborated with artisanal candle companies Lilin+Co and NYALA to host workshops of colour and scent combinations while exploring the art of candle-making and curating an ambience of a positive and soothing living space. Following the theme of wellness, exclusive Yoga and Pilates sessions are being hosted, paired with calming smells from scented candles.

“Having been in the business of colours for many years, we recognise how colours can provide a sense of comfort and peace to our wellbeing and turn our homes into the perfectly- curated sanctuary” said Jotun’s Global Colour Manager, Lisbeth Larsen. “As our homes are an extension of ourselves, we wanted to explore different and innovative ways in which we can champion both colours together with healthy living in the same breath.”

Along with the new colour collections comes the introduction of Jotun’s Majestic Sense, a product that guarantees the perfect blend of healthy and beautiful living in our homes. Specially formulated through the integration of Clean Air Technology, Majestic Sense not only provides users a sustainable and environmental-friendly alternative, but also offers odour-less comfort, showcasing the best colour experience for a flawless finish. Visitors to APW can check out Majestic Sense throughout the colours displayed at the exhibition and inquire more about the new product from in-house experts and consultants.

Currently running until December 4th , 2022, the following activations and events lined up are as follows:

Soulful Thursdays


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Visitors can cap the day with a night of live music performances by talented artists, just pop over to the Jotun exhibition and enjoy some music for the soul.

  • Date: 24th November (Thursday), 8.00pm – 8.45pm
  • Date: 1st December (Thursday), 8.00pm – 8.45pm

Macrame Workshop


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Collaborating with art enthusiast Charmaine Kamal, Jotun will be introducing a unique macrame session, weaving colours into different knots and styles to create personalised art pieces. Those interested are encouraged to block their calendars and look out for the registration details, which will be announced closer to the workshop date.

  • Date: 3rd December (Saturday), 10.30am – 12.30pm

Synaesthesia Workshop


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To complement the newly introduced colour tones, Jotun will be collaborating with Craftiviti by providing visitors the opportunity to curate their unique combinations of essential oils and room sprays for their living space. As spots are limited, stay tuned for the registration details.

  • Date: 4th December (Sunday), 2.30pm

More information on upcoming events can be found on Jotun’s Facebook or Instagram pages, while Jotun’s Global Colour Collections for 2023 can be found on their website.

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