House Tour: Step Into An Art Gallery-Inspired 3.5-Storey Detached House at Sixth Avenue

We get a tour of this home, which features colours and furniture that match the mood of the collection of artworks in each room.

Returning to Singapore after living overseas for some years, the owners of this 7,000 sq ft (650 sqm) 3-bedroom detached house in Cypress Avenue turned to architect Derek Chan of K2 Design for help in building their home. Derek had already designed the home of the owner’s brother, so she was comfortable with his working style. The home owner matched the colours and the mood of her collection of artworks to the furniture in each room. For instance, in the dining room, a monochromatic portrait of a man gazes pensively towards the monochrome Oriental-motif wallpaper.

Dining Room

Creating a neutral canvas, the ground floor of the three-and-a-half storey house is clad in creamy marble and mostly white walls.

Sliding glass doors framed in solid wood “open up” the front and rear walls of the house, bringing in plenty of sunlight, cross-ventilation and garden views to the living and dining areas.

TV Console

A custom-built console conceals the electronics in the living area.


The stair design was kept open and “transparent” to allow more light into the stairwell.

Home Art Gallery

Top Floor

The top floor – which is considered half a storey – has a moodier ambience due to the dark brown timber of the ceiling. Dark green bookshelves also contribute to the cosy look of the space.

Curved Walk-In Wardrobe

Chaise Lounge

A chaise longue at at one corner of the sculptural wardrobe “island” looks out to the greenery, providing a little “escape” corner for reading.

Family Dog, Bella

Guest Room

Basement Entertainment Room

Outdoor seating in the basement marks one of the home’s entertainment nooks.

This story originally published on Home & Decor and The Peak Singapore.

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