Hove Into View: A Complete Remodeling of a 1970s Terrace House

Gale’s Residence, a single-story terrace house built in the 1970s exudes a feeling of spaciousness and airiness.
1970s terrace house

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In a hilly suburb of Kuala Lumpur sits Gale’s Residence, a complete remodeling of a 1970s terrace house. ⁠The bright, spacious, and well-organized one-story house transformed from a dark and cloistered interior that suffered from many poorly designed spaces.

What is in the 1970s terrace house?

The reinstated vernacular passive cooling methods prove that the single-story terrace typology remains a suited model to live with optimum comfort in the city. After reaching a consensus, it was decided that they would optimise the one-story house. The owner wanted to enhance the building’s original character. ⁠

1970s terrace house

1970s terrace house

A full-width bi-folding window located at the entrance permits ample sunlight to permeate through, seamlessly integrating the front garden into the visual space.

In addition, the team at Gilbert & Tan have made some interventions and revisited layouts. While retaining the original frame, the house divides neatly into two distinct zones. The common spaces such as the living room, dining space, and kitchen are subtly segmented into several ‘micro spaces’ through furniture and changes in floor finishes.

A central yard functions simultaneously as a light well, ventilation shaft, and connector between the different spaces of the 1970s terrace house. The single-story terrace also comes together with eclectic furnishing and a tasteful collection of artworks, with an enhanced sense of loftiness.

1970s terrace house

Gale’s Residence is a unique bespoke home that oozes charm and character. The relation to the street is about privacy with tall brick walls, thus creating a boundary. Large glass folding doors provide a picturesque view of the garden, as the interior seamlessly blends with the exterior.

1970s terrace house

As a result, the house offers the opportunity to enjoy bright open spaces, while allowing for reclusive quiet moments off its immediate surroundings.


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