Hove Into View: The Twin Sisters House 2

Located within a forest, the Twin Sisters House is a unique space surrounded by natural beauty and built with premium black solid wood.

Far from ordinary. The side-by-side house sits in the forest of Duane in Franklin County – fondly known as the Twin Sisters House 2. Built-in 2022, the house is located among lush greenery looking elegant in all its black glory structures and design. Under the hands of Iranian architect Milad Eshtiyaghi, the two units seem to connect but are totally separate from each other.

The house is aptly designed for the twin siblings that live in it. It quite literally lives up to its name, especially with how the house is divided as if to mirror each other. It creates a complete, curvaceous silhouette from afar.

Twin Sisters House

Fit for Twins

Drawing inspiration from the design of the Twin Sisters 1 project, Eshtiyaghi decided to place the two identical units next to each other with a central space formed like a central courtyard. The house is then intersected by a spectacular tree in the middle along with a glass pool.

With its passageway and the mutual entrance, the concept of living maintains an unexpected construction that would enable inhabitants to live fluidly with their neighbours. In terms of interior space, the residence comprises three intersecting spaces with separate functions – the ground floor is a living space, whereas the upper story contains private corners and bedrooms. The open-concept living spaces in each of the units are flanked by floor-to-ceiling windows that would allow for uninterrupted views of the surrounding natural landscape.

A Glance At Twin Sisters House 2

Location: Duane, New York

Architect: Milad Eshtiyaghi Studio

Site area: 2500 sqm

Built area: 950 sqm

Year: 2022

Status: In Progress

On the whole, the house is a modern home built with an intimate community and greenery environment in mind, focused on harmonious and comfortable design. Stay tuned for the full house tour in this space.

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Images courtesy of Milad Eshtiyaghi Studio

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