“Infinity” by Yayoi Kusama Fetches A Jaw-dropping HKD46.4 Million at Bonhams Hong Kong

“Infinity” combines Kusama’s iconic motifs of polka dots and infinity nets, and reaffirms Bonhams’ prowess in presenting exceptional art.
by Zat Astha

In a dazzling display of art market prowess, Bonhams Hong Kong has once again proven its mettle. On May 25, 2024, the auction house set the stage for an extraordinary moment in contemporary art history. The star of the show? Yayoi Kusama’s previously unseen abstract masterpiece, “Infinity,” which achieved a jaw-dropping HK$46,434,000 (approximately $8,023,740).

This sale underscores not only the insatiable global appetite for Kusama’s work but also Bonhams’ unrivaled expertise in curating and presenting the finest pieces to discerning collectors.

“We are privileged to have been entrusted with this exceptional abstract work by Kusama,” Marcello Kwan, Head of Modern and Contemporary Art, Asia says. “Its unprecedented, mesmerising composition makes it a true rarity even within the artist’s revolutionary oeuvre.

Today’s result attests to collectors’ strong appetite for works of unparalleled quality. This also reaffirms Bonhams’ continued ability to source and showcase the finest artworks for passionate collectors worldwide.”

Founded in 1793, Bonhams stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of fine art and luxury collectibles. With 14 salerooms spread across the globe — from London to New York, Hong Kong to Paris — Bonhams offers unparalleled expertise and valuation services in over 60 specialist areas. Recent strategic acquisitions, including Bukowskis, Bruun Rasmussen, Bonhams Skinner, Bonhams Cornette de Saint Cyr, and The Market by Bonhams, have further solidified its position as a global leader in the auction industry.

About the work

“Infinity” is a symphony of Kusama’s iconic motifs. Standing tall at two meters, this striking work is a visual feast. It is divided into two halves, each adorned with her signature polka dots and infinity nets, gracefully meandering through a vertical curve at the center. The bold red patterns on a black background harken back to Kusama’s celebrated New York period, making this piece a coveted rarity.

Kusama’s “Infinity” reflects her lifelong exploration of themes like infinity and obliteration, deeply rooted in her personal history. Raised in an affluent family, Kusama experienced profound visual and auditory hallucinations from a young age. These haunting experiences have indelibly shaped her artistic journey, driving her to create works that are both obsessional and mesmerizing.

The successful sale of “Infinity” at Bonhams Hong Kong is a testament to Kusama’s enduring appeal and the auction house’s unparalleled ability to present exceptional pieces to the global market. This sale is part of Bonhams Hong Kong’s 2024 Spring Auctions, which showcase a tantalising array of categories, including wine, whisky, jewels, jadeite, watches, and fine Chinese ceramics and paintings.

In the end, the sale of “Infinity” is more than just a commercial triumph; it is a celebration of Kusama’s visionary artistry and Bonhams’ commitment to excellence. By consistently sourcing and showcasing the finest artworks, Bonhams ensures that masterpieces like Kusama’s “Infinity” receive the recognition and reverence they deserve, captivating collectors and art enthusiasts around the world.

This story originally published on The Peak Singapore.

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