Hublot's New Big Bang MP-11 SAXEM Looks Sexy In Green

Hublot’s New Big Bang MP-11 SAXEM Looks Sexy In Green

Hublot has done it again by creating an eye-catching timepiece that you simply can’t ignore.

Few watchmakers are as daring as Hublot to experiment with colours and form factors. The result is their visionary invention of the ‘Art of Fusion’ technique. This time around, the Swiss luxury watchmaker decided to go with a bold green look on their Big Bang MP-11 SAXEM that is sure to leave the competition green with envy.

Housing a HUB9011 movement on the inside, you can actually get a closer look at it thanks to the skeletonised calibre that looks spectacular in an almost transparent case dipped in green. Now you may be wondering why green? But the question really should be why not? Bright green SAXEM, shorthand for sapphire aluminium oxide and rare earth mineral, has never been used before by any other watchmakers but Hublot simply makes this work for them.

Part of the appeal behind SAXEM is that the bright green, resulting from the mixture of aluminium oxide with elements like thulium, holmium and chromium, simply looks stunning on the wrist and is hardier than emerald to boot.

But more obvious than the green hue that covers the phone is the massive power reserve found on the lower half of the display that clearly tells you how much power is left in the watch.

On top of that the, a matte black skeleton dial ensures that the hour and minute hands are legible even from afar.

The Hublot Big Bang MP-11 SAXEM is limited to only 20 pieces, making a limited run timepiece that is sure to generate a lot of interest and it carries a price tag of USD127,000 or MYR530,390.

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