Cartier's First and Largest Pop-Up Exhibition in Southeast Asia Comes To Singapore This November

Cartier’s First and Largest Pop-Up Exhibition in Southeast Asia Comes To Singapore This November

Cartier brings its Clash de Cartier collection to life in a unique and awe-inspiring exhibition.

Following the success of Cartier’s Clash de Cartier collection in Paris earlier this year, the French luxury goods maker is set to bring its exclusive Clash de Cartier Studio exhibition to Singapore from 15 to 17 November.

The pop-up experience, held for the first time in Southeast Asia, is set to take over the STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery in Robertson Quay, turning the studio space into an experiential zone for guests to explore the collection in an unconventional and immersive space.

According to Cartier, the exhibition in Singapore will echo the Paris launch as it will feature similar themes of literature, music, and art, all in opposition.

For the initiated, Cartier’s Clash de Cartier collection is a range of jewellery that simultaneously champions and eschews classic forms, and balances clean design with an excess of energy and a serious spirit with original charm. Clash de Cartier shakes up the Maison’s aesthetic heritage of studs, beads and clous carrés.

Together, they form a singular, rubbed mesh, which becomes Cartier’s new jewellery signature as imagined by the design studios.


Part of what makes this exhibition so unique and exciting is the experiences that play on the duality of the Clash de Cartier collection. At the start of the journey, guests need will be asked to answer a questionnaire that will determine the room they are directed to begin – the Bookstore or Record Store.

The main objective of this dual-natured experience is for guests to discover the collection in an interactive manner from product inspiration animation to on-site product trying.

Taking a closer look at the different experiences you will encounter, the Bookstore will contain books that are specifically curated to display contradictions in genres, content, and themes. Interestingly guests are able to do a simple personality test that will determine their “Clash” alter ego personality that will be translated into a personalised Haiku poem crafted by the Haiku poets stationed within the room. Each guest’s customised Haiku poem will be typed out by an old school typewriter and guests may take the poem with them as a memento.

Should you enter the Record Store, you will be showered by futuristic sounds that are all part of a Clash de Cartier music playlist that is specially curated by leading French sound designer Michel Gaubert. Encapsulating the spirit of the Clash de Cartier collection by bringing together a unique contrast of music from different genres from classical to rock, it is a unique blend of sounds that guests are able to listen to via their own Spotify accounts by scanning the Spotify code.

The Bookstore

Get your cameras or smartphones camera ready as there are dedicated photo moments to be found at multiple points throughout your “Clash” journey. Some will play on optical illusions whereby guests can view things upside down and also receive their portraits printed with specially created elements centring on key product codes of Clash de Cartier from gold to the word, “Clash”, designed by renowned French author and artist, Thomas Lélu.

Once you have explored the different rooms, guests are invited to rest and relax the Café in the main lounge area where they can enjoy their complimentary “Clash” pastry and drink. Much like the clashing nature of the rooms before it, the Café is modelled with contrasting décor with one side modelled with local decor while the other comes in a contemporary European design.

As stated earlier, the Clash De Cartier studio will run from 15 to 17 November from 11am to 9pm (last entry at 8pm). Admission is free to the public.  Visitors may choose to pre-register a session to guarantee themselves a session from 25 October onwards.

The Record Store

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