In anticipation of the upcoming 14th Malaysian General Election, let the sweet promises of the campaign period coat your tongue in a cheeky pre-election dinner at Bistro à Table.

As the 9th of May fast approaches, Malaysians are gearing up for what is deemed the Mother of All Elections. And we have to say, it’s quite a stressful period building up to the general election between visually assaulted by party flags on your daily commute and the bombardment of sweet promises from politicians across all parties.

So why not blow off some of this general election steam by booking yourself a seat at Bistro à Table on the 7th of May? The fun and feisty Chef Isadora Chai has crafted a Malaysian-French “GE 13 Disgustation” menu as sweet as those campaign promises and as spicy as the reality of their words.

The feisty Chef Isadora Chai gleefuly satirises the Malaysian political landscape in the GE 13 Disgustation menu

Revisit the events of the year on your plate as the sassy chef cleverly satirises the craziness of being Malaysian since the last election.  Waiting for those promises to bear fruit? Dig into “Janji di Chapati & Ini Kari Lah”- a toasted chapatti with goat cheese and pasilla served with mussels in curried cream.

Janji di Chapati & Ini Kari Lah

Wondering how the voters will sway this time? Get a taste with the “Chinese Tsunami” mini-glazed golden snapper with squid consommé or vine ripened tomatoes stuffed with akhrote ka raita of “Phantom Voters”.

Phantom Voters

But if all you want to do is embrace the nation’s unity, then the “1 Malaysia” modernised cendol will absolutely delight you.

1 Malaysia Cendol

See, now the upcoming general election doesn’t seem so bad right? Engage with your friends, family and loved one in coffee shop talk and embrace the unique Malaysian humour filling the air throughout the 7-course meal.

The “GE 13 Disgustation” dinner is priced at MYR180 ++ per pax. For reservations, contact +603 7931 2831 or +60111 036 5888.

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