11 Restaurants To Try At The Exchange TRX

Discover a culinary journey in the heart of The Exchange TRX with our guide to explore the diverse array of dining options.

Elementary Restaurant & Bar | The Exchange TRX

Nestled in the heart of the city, The Exchange TRX offers a gastronomic odyssey with five distinct dining boroughs, boasting over 100 dining outlets. The Food Exchange reimagines the hawker scene with a modern twist, while Concourse Dining is a global food bazaar blending chic seating with diverse international and Asian flavours.

Meanwhile, Park Dining provides an idyllic retreat with six unique dining experiences amid lush garden-themed interiors. Premium Dining caters to those seeking high-end gastronomy and aesthetics. The culinary journey culminates at the open-air Dining Terrace, blending dining and camaraderie under the stars for a delightful evening.

Whether you crave the warmth of a cosy café, the elegance of an upscale restaurant, or the trendiness of a casual spot for small bites, our guide extends a warm invitation for you to savour a diverse culinary experience tailored to every taste.



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Sharing is at the heart of a satisfying meal. Amazonas unfolds the expansive and diverse tapestry of Latin American cuisine, where dining transcends into an exploration inspired by the lively culture of Latin America. Picture an experience where sharing plates, pulsating beats of high-energy music, themed cocktails, private rooms, and an extensive selection of Latin America’s beloved spirits—pisco, mezcal, tequila, and rum—all come together.

Address: PL09 & L04.03, Park Level

Nong Geng Ji

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Nong Geng Ji

Be whisked away to Hunan. Nong Geng Ji (农耕记), an esteemed Hunan restaurant chain boasting over 100 establishments in China, is finally here! Widely recognized as a top-rated restaurant, Nong Geng Ji is renowned for its authentic and exquisite Hunan dishes. Among the restaurant’s standout offerings, the three signature dishes – Stir-Fried Pork with Abalone and Chilli, Stir-fried Beef with Dried Chilli, and the enticing Signature Grass Fish Fillet with Chilli – are absolute must-try options for anyone venturing into the culinary experience that Nong Geng Ji offers.

Address: Lot C.91.0 & C.92.0, Level C, The

Cafe Colombo

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The latest project by Cinnamon Group, Café Colombo is a homage to the fusion of colonial and contemporary influences, embodying the essence that makes Colombo the pulsating heart of Sri Lanka. Tailored to serve a broad spectrum of diners, from various age brackets to different tastes, Café Colombo presents a unique culinary expedition featuring an exclusive array of South Indian dishes. Enhancing this gastronomic journey is a thoughtfully crafted cocktail menu, a reflection of the mastery exhibited by the mixologists, guaranteeing a memorable dining experience for every guest.

Address: L2T.08.0 & L2T.09.0, Level 2, Dining Terrace, Menara Exchange 106

Elementary Restaurant & Bar

Craving a rejuvenating drink after a lengthy shopping spree? Step into Elementary, a stylish restaurant and bar that draws inspiration from the enduring charm of English culture. This establishment is adorned with opulent oak and wood accents, creating an atmosphere of timeless elegance. Whether you’re indulging in the iconic London Bridge Fish & Chips or tucking into the hearty Shepherd’s Pie, each dish echoes classic British favourites. At Elementary, the camaraderie, akin to the bond between Holmes and Watson, flows as freely as the drinks, making it the perfect setting for friends and families to gather.

Address: Lot L2T.10, Level 2, The Exchange TRX

Fong Lye Tea House


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Your seat awaits at Fong Lye—indulge in the essence of Taiwanese and Malaysian culinary excellence! Fong Lye offers a delightful fusion of authentic Taiwanese classics and beloved Malaysian favourites, thoughtfully crafted in an irresistible menu that leaves patrons yearning for more. There is a selection of 13 best-selling dishes in the Lite Bowl menu, where each bowl comes with a main, soup, and Taiwanese side dishes.

Address: Lot C-38.0, Concourse Level, Plaza The Exchange TRX



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For the true gourmet, the pursuit of culinary excellence involves finding a connection to familiarity and a sense of belonging through traditional taste buds. G’rai perfectly captures the essence of traditional Malay market food culture, offering a genuine feast for your palate. Each dish pays homage to authentic tradition, ensuring that every bite transports you to the vibrant atmosphere of a bustling market.

Address: Lot No. L2.54.0 Level 2



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Warmly indulge in the authentic flavours of Japanese ramen. Kanada-Ya proudly presents the award-winning recipe that earned them the title of the best ramen in Fukuoka, Japan. The 18-hour broth extraction process captures all the goodness of pork, resulting in a complex, rich, and creamy flavour.

Address: Lot L2.53, Level 2

Tipsy Flamingo

Dive into the unique fusion of retro-futuristic décor and the lively ambience reminiscent of an 80s summer pool party at Tipsy Flamingo! This restaurant offers a sun-soaked paradise, providing the perfect setting for a summertime escape filled with tempting dishes, refreshing drinks, and the lively beats of live tunes.

Address: L2T.06.0/06E.0, Level 2

Warung Eropa

“Bringing Bali to Kuala Lumpur,” established in 2004 in Petitenget, Bali, Indonesia, Warung Eropa offers a culinary fusion primarily focused on Indonesian cuisine with a touch of Western influence. At Warung Eropa, extending beyond serving delicious food is a commitment to crafting memorable experiences for all patrons. The standout feature remains the exquisite crispy duck from Bali, stealing the spotlight and enhancing the dining experience at Warung Eropa.

Address: Level 2, Dinner Terrace

Las Meninas

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As a part of the Cinnamon Group, Las Meninas draws its name from Diego Velázquez’s iconic painting, representing a celebration of Spanish culinary artistry and culture. Reflecting the elegance and intrigue of the Spanish royal court, this establishment turns every dish into a masterpiece. The rich tapestry of Spanish flavours intricately weaves a narrative of culinary excellence, through authentic recipes that define the bold, savoury flavours of the region – tapas, paellas, seafood, flame-grilled meats, and much more, all paired with a selection of fine wines and craft beer.

Address: L2T.07.0 & L2T.07E.0, Level 2, Dining Terrace

Yakiniku Kuro


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Yakiniku Kuro brings a fresh and modern vibe to the dining experience, where diners are welcome to indulge in a state-of-the-art Japanese grilling adventure free from smoke. The menu features the pinnacle of Prime Angus beef, coupled with Japanese and Australian Wagyu Yakiniku, providing an array of exquisite options for a thoroughly pleasurable and contemporary culinary exploration.

Address: Lot C.54.0, Level C

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