Sushi Summit Returns To Kuala Lumpur This October

What happens when you place six master sushi chefs under one roof?

sushi summit

Following a successful run in Bangkok in June, the Sushi Summit gastronomic event will be making a return to Kuala Lumpur this October. 

Six sushi masters from Osaka, Tokyo, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur will showcase their prowess in the art of sushi making at the three-day event set to be held at A Place Where APW from the 11th to the 13th of October. 

The stellar lineup this year includes renowned Michelin-starred Chef Yuya Nishimura, Sushi Hibiki’s Chef Makoto Saito Sam, Hashida Singapore’s Chef Kenjiro Hatch Hashida, Chef Hasegawa of DEN, Chef Shimpei Hatanaka and Chef Shou Emi. 

sushi summit

Sushi Hibiki’s Chef Makoto Saito Sam at work.

Titled “Experience the Art of Sushi: An Omakase Date with Elite Chefs”, this year’s event promises to celebrate the culinary artistry behind sushi making. Diners can expect to discover each chef’s signature style in an intimate setting. 

Bringing Sushi Summit to Kuala Lumpur is the work of Ken G Ng, the Malaysian founder behind The Occasions Eventeur and CLIME: Workz. Ng, who has been based in Bangkok for the past few years, aims to bring a one-of-a-kind lifestyle experience back home. 

sushi summit

“As a proud Malaysian, I am genuinely thrilled to redefine our country’s culinary landscape and showcase it to the world. Our rich and diverse food heritage deserves global recognition, and Sushi Summit provides the perfect stage for us to achieve just that,” said Ng.

Kuala Lumpur is not the final stop on the Sushi Summit calendar this year. The culinary event will be heading to Dubai in November, followed by Hong Kong and Macau, while Cambodia is set to make an appearance on the calendar in 2024. 

Sushi Summit’s ‘Experience the Art of Sushi: An Omakase Date with Elite Chefs’ is set to take place from Oct 11th to 13th at A Place Where by APW, Kuala Lumpur. Tickets are priced at RM1588 per person.

To book tickets, click here.

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