Ready For More Wonderful Inspiration From Nespresso?

Ready For More Wonderful Inspiration From Nespresso?

Two Brand-New Variations Further Strengthen the Already Solid Nespresso Ispirazione Italiana Coffee Range!

Is it your coffee break time soon then?

Well now, Nespresso – that renowned international brand with its outstanding line of coffee, espresso makers and accessories for home brewing – may just have a little something for you to cheer about!

Of course, the Nespresso story began over 30 years ago with a simple but revolutionary idea inspired by the espresso machine invented by the Italian Luigi Bezzera in 1905, who wanted to give anyone the opportunity to create the perfect cup of espresso just like skilled barista in Italy.

It recently introduced the intense coffee range Ispirazione Italiana, with a well-rounded coffee session inspired by the diversity of Italian cities with a sip and taste, as well as scent pairing and live demonstrations from award-winning barista Shaun Liew at The Ruma Hotel & Residences in KL.

Award-winning barista Shaun Liew conducting a coffee masterclass workshop at the launch of Nespresso Ispirazione Italiana.

The event also saw the debut of two brand new blends for the Nespresso range, namely Ispirazione Napoli and Ispirazione Venezia. These exciting new variations join the current intense espresso and ristretto range, the coffee collection of seven blends has been inspired by the culture and the coffee traditions of Italy’s cities: Rome (Roma), Florence (Firenze), Palermo, Naples (Napoli), Genova and Venice (Venezia).

The brand new Ispirazione Napoli’s intense roasting method is inspired by the region’s rich coffee culture and the expertise of the local roasters from Italy’s coffee capital. Leavened with Robusta beans, the result is a velvety, creamy cup with an extremely thick body and delicious bitter notes that linger in its aftertaste.

Meanwhile, Ispirazione Venezia pays tribute to the longest Italian coffee tradition with a roast that blends the coffee profiles of the Ottoman and European influences; which arrived with the Venetian traders back in the days of epic, east-west trade. The muse for the cup: delicately aromatic, all elements balanced harmoniously, caramel notes and thick body.

So, perhaps you should reconsider going for what passes off as ‘coffee’ at the office pantry, or leave that cuppa of mocha-flavoured condensed milk at the nearby mamak for another day, and lose yourself instead in the intense Nespresson Ispirazione Italiana range for that well-deserved and satisfying coffee break, indeed!

Geoffrey Dalziel, Business Executive Officer of Nespresso Malaysia at the launch of Nespresso Ispirazione Italiana.

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