Nespresso’s new limited edition flavours whisks us away to summer in Australia

Nespresso’s new limited edition flavours whisks us away to summer in Australia

Coffee cool down

Beat the heat this hot and sunny season with Nespresso’s limited edition Nespresso Over Ice flavours, specially made to be drunk cold for a refreshing midday pick-me-up. Inspired by Australia’s vibrant coffee culture, where the brewed drink is the beverage of choice come rain, snow or blazing sun, sit down to a glass of ice-cold coffee on one of our sunny Malaysian afternoons.

The Nespresso Over Ice range introduces two capsules, the Long Black Over Ice and the Flat White Over Ice, each specially made for the coffee enthusiast who either prefers their cuppa black or with milk. The Long Black Over Ice is a special blend of South American and East African coffee beans, chosen for their fruity and floral aromas. The beans are lightly roasted in order to keep their aromas intact, and resulting in a refreshing cup with a characteristic bright acidity.

The Flat White Over Ice and Long Black Over Ice coffees from Nespresso is the ultimate summer afternoon companion

Flat White Over Ice, on the other hand, is a darker roast blend of beans with a bolder spiced notes, so the resulting white coffee becomes a smooth, creamy cup with an intense, full-bodied finish. Each capsule comes with a three step recipe, which start with loading a glass with ice cubes, adding 120ml of sparkling water or milk, for the long black and flat white versions respectively, and finally extracting 25ml of your chosen capsule over the cup.

With your cup of iced coffee in your hand, all that’s left to do is find a comfortable seat and relax for the ultimate chilled summer day or in our case, your typical tropical afternoon.

The Nespresso Over Ice capsules are available to purchase at the Nespresso boutique in The Gardens, as well as at their pop-up stores in Pavilion, 1 Utama and Gurney Paragon Penang for a limited time only.

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