Nespresso celebrates Coffee Houses of Old in a new Limited Edition range

Nespresso celebrates Coffee Houses of Old in a new Limited Edition range

A brew steeped in history

Travel back in time with the new range from Nespresso inspired by the first coffee houses in the world. Step into ancient Istanbul and Venice through your cup of coffee as the limited edition Café Istanbul and Caffè Venezia capsules take you right back to the bustling coffee houses of the past.

In the past, coffee was the cornerstone of discussion, intellectualism and society at large, as artists, academics, culture and science would converge over a cup of coffee. These coffee houses of the old cities were where ideas were born and where culture collided. In homage to these venues that were so central to building civilisation as we know it, Nespresso’s range of coffee focuses on the coffees from Istanbul and Venice, two cities that sit at the heart of early coffee drinking culture.

The Café Istanbul is a blend of Arabian Mocha beans from Yemen and beans from the East Indies and India to create an high-intensity cup with notes of black pepper and spice. Each sip is reminiscent of the bazaars of the Orient, that would cover the streets of old Istanbul.

On the other hand, the Caffè Venezia brings forth a lighter touch of floral notes from its blend of Ethiopian Harar coffee beans with Indian Arabica. Despite the floral notes, this brew still results in a potent and complex cup.

The Café Istanbul and Caffè Venezia capsules are available for purchase for a limited time only at the Nespresso boutique in The Gardens as well as their pop-up outlets in One Utama, Sunway Pyramid and Gurney Paragon.

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