Marc Newson designs the decanter that holds Hennessy’s signature spirit

Marc Newson designs the decanter that holds Hennessy’s signature spirit

A blend of modern tradition

In addition to designing a wide array of products including clocks, watches, sneakers, luggage bags and pens, the internationally-acclaimed designer – Marc Newson – is now adding yet another Cognac bottle to his repertoire.

Recently announced, Newson has just designed a new, limited-edition decanter for Hennessy’s signature X.O cognac.

This new bottle will be a brilliant juxtaposition between modernity and tradition because as Newson brings a modern aesthetic to the bottle, the blend inside has been unchanged since 1870.

Where once he sought to reduce the bottle holding this precious spirit to its traditional decorative motifs of grapes and leaves, this new 2017 collaboration sees him bringing a sort of ribbed texture to the decanter, almost mimicking the ones found on the barrels that age the cognac.

Straight lines seemed to me a more modern interpretation of what already existed. To me, the stripes really emphasize the strength of the decanter’s shape. When they catch the light, they highlight both the bottle and the contents, making the whole feel warmer and more tactile. Taken together, all of these design elements are meant to convey the unique, immersive experience of X.O.

The Hennessy X.O 2017 limited edition by Marc Newson will be presented from July to September 2017 in markets worldwide.

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