LOUIS XIII Masters A Century of Flavours with Shin' Labo

LOUIS XIII Masters A Century of Flavours with Shin’ Labo

When caviar meets cognac, an ultimate luxurious sensorial dining experience is mastered by Chef James Won and LOUIS XIII.

A sensory delight.

LOUIS XIII is an exquisite blend sourced from Grande Champagne, the first cru of the Cognac region. The legendary decanters have been mouth-blown by some of the most skilled master craftsmen for generations. LOUIS XIII features exceptional aromas. As a blend, LOUIS XIII stands as the finest and fullest expression of Cognac that is, given that the liquor contains multiple sensorial dimensions beyond mere taste.

The ultimate caviar indulgence.

The LOUIS XIII pairing with Shin Labo’ Kappou Dinner, is set to heighten your sensory experience in more ways than one. LOUIS XIII has partnered with Chef James Won at Shin Labo, who revealed a unique pairing that highlights the extraordinary LOUIS XIII and homegrown Malaysian ingredients – T’lur. Guests will be able to discover the nuanced flavours of uncommon locally produced caviar that complements the French culture and art of living which is the essence of the LOUIS XIII Cognac.

As the head chef of his new signature restaurant, SHIN’LABO (the home to Asia’s only Krug Chef’s Table), Chef James Won blends modern French techniques with exquisite Japanese produce and local ingredients skillfully to curate a whole interpretation of elevated Yōshoku creations. Chef James’ hand-selected and crafted caviar when paired with the extraordinary LOUIS XIII creates a freshness that zips through the palate, along with the Cognac to express itself purely.

Experience a leisurely meal, sit back, relax and taste each bite — turn over the delicious phrases in your mind.  Now, it’s the time we walk you through each dish served. Firstly, the Amuse Bouche is served atop three appetisers such as Omurice, Hambagu, and Korokke which perfectly stimulates your senses. The Entrée, caviar and uni tart, a luxurious flavour explosion in the mouth enhances the delicate creaminess of the caviar. Next on the way – Bincho Grill served the Blue Prawn making it a vivid dish pairing with LOUIS XIII, then matched with the indulgent Ora King Salmon with a velvety rich texture. Moving on to the Don, an Imperial Cha-Don & Caviar with a sip of Cognac is a perfect balance. For Les Desserts, the perfect end to any meal, Japanese Musk Melon offers a refreshing bite. Served alongside Yuzu bergamot parfait glacé together with Soba Sable, or Korean Persimmon, each bite is creamy with a deep sweetness.

If you’re on the lookout for a new Fine Dining Restaurant in KL, make sure to check out Chef James Won newest restaurant SHIN’LABO located at  LaLaport Bukit Bintang City Centre, for more information visit their website here.


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