A First Look At The Samsung Watch5 Pro

The brand-new Galaxy Watch5 Pro features a Titanium body in Black and Gray with a D-Buckle Sport Band for the adventurous at heart.

The brand-new Galaxy Watch5 Pro is the smartwatch that truly knows its user, featuring a fluid design that champions customization, connectivity, and holistic health optimization. After a long day of wearing the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro and playing with its features,  Here are our first impressions of the new Watch5 series.

First things first, linking the Watch5 Pro with iOS devices is not possible as it only supports the setup and operation of at least Android 8. Install the Wear app and you may start pairing your device once the watch has been detected. After the setup, basic settings such as notifications, display settings, content, and screen layouts can be done by following the steps. Looking at the exterior, the Watch5 has a unique appearance.

D-Buckle Sport Band with Magnet

Smooth yet well-built, this band is made of sweat-resistant and, comfortable fluoroelastomer material and is more flexible than the previous models. It is designed to install easily on the handles of newer Galaxy Watch models and adjust the angle as you like with the added air pocket for flexibility. The sleek,  magnetic D-buckle design allows you to easily clasp on or take off the watch. The new watch has a premium clean style and minimalist silhouette.

Wearable Features

The watch is compatible with Google to make sure you can connect with the world at any time. It has a good wearable OS, broader support for more apps from the Play Store, and the ability to immediately install the apps you need on the watch. Whenever you’re walking or exercising, the Smart watch tracks your every step and measures your distance.


Only a 45mm dial with a 20mm strap is provided for this series, but no worries – five variants of strap colours are available for your selection. With its display protected by sapphire glass, the watch is durable. Take a 360 look at the exterior – the microphone is located on the right between two buttons and the upper side; while the speaker is on the left side of the case.

The Samsung Watch5 Pro provides longer battery life of 80 hours per charge, or 20 hours with GPS enabled, which is ideal for outdoor gamers and adventurers. The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro comes with a magnetic charger, it can be charged wirelessly via an Qi charging pad.

Stay updated on our upcoming features of the Samsung Watch5 Pro here.

Images courtesy of Samsung.

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