An Uncompromised Self-expression Tool: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

Get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 that delivers a stylish and unique foldable experience from a pocket-sized device.

Delivering flexibility and versatility all in one, the fifth generation of Galaxy foldable continues to refine the smartphone experience. The latest Samsung devices come in sleek and compact designs, offering endless customisation options and powerful performance for users. Through innovative technology and an optimised processor-powered battery, the Samsung Galaxy Z series delivers a series of possibilities that you can get from a smartphone – either folded or unfolded. 

With the new Flex Hinge feature and extraordinary camera capabilities such as FlexCam, this Galaxy Z Flip5 is an unrivalled foldable device that produces stunning visual moments behind every creative angle. In addition, the Galaxy Z Flip5 delivers a stylishly unique foldable experience from a pocket-sized device that’s built for self-expression. 

Without further ado, let’s check out what is new about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5.

1. The New Flex Window – Larger Outer Display

Galaxy Z Flip5 is now 3.78 times larger than the previous generation, offering a wide range of existing and new features.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

The device comes with more customisation options, including informative graphics that can match the face design of a user’s Galaxy Watch6 series. Moreover, the Galaxy Z Flip5 introduces stylish frames for even more personalisation of the device’s appearance, as well as the new Flipsuit Case that provides device protection with a changeable NFC card. 

2. Widgets – All at a glance

The Galaxy Z Flip5 offers more usability than ever before even when it’s folded. With widgets, users can effortlessly access all useful information at a glance and switch between them instantly just by pinching the screen to activate the Multi Widget View

Without unfolding the device, users can browse through call history to return missed calls and reply to texts on the go using the Quick Reply function with a full QWERTY keyboard and chat history visibility. Plus, it also allows you to easily check notifications and access Quick Settings for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

With a quick swipe upwards on the screen, users can access the Samsung Wallet feature to pay on the go while shopping. The Galaxy Z Flip5 also allows users to perform immediate demands such as checking the weather, controlling music playback and listening to their favourite music with the Media Controller, or catching up on the latest global stock market updates with the Google Finance widget. 

3. Flex Window and Dual Preview – Powerful camera experience

With its unparalleled design and form factor, Galaxy Z Flip5 also offers the most versatile camera experience on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Thanks to the larger Flex Window, users can now take high-quality selfies with the rear camera, while the Quick View setting allows quick photo reviews, colour tone adjustments and quick image deleting. The ultimate FlexCam produces stunning hands-free photos from creative angles and a Flex Mode feature to view and edit shots afterwards. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

When taking a group shot photo, the Dual Preview function lets you view the image in the Flex Window so adjustments can be made in real-time for the perfect shot. Users can get a smooth shot on the go with the camera-stabilizing Super Steady function, while Auto Framing ensures that no one is left out.

The Galaxy Z Flip5 adds AI solution improvements for every meaningful photo. With improved Nightography capabilities that optimise photos and videos in ambient lighting conditions. The AI-powered image signal processing (ISP) algorithm corrects any visual noise that typically spoils low-light images while enhancing details and colour tone. Surprisingly, even from a distance, photos are clearer with the digital 10X zoom

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

Inspired by the beauty of nature, the Galaxy Z Flip5 introduces four colours: Mint, Graphite, Cream and Lavender as well as exclusive urban colours of Gray, Blue, Green and Yellow – adding an extra pop of personality to your device.

As an environmental vision of delivering a positive impact to the planet, Samsung continues to demonstrate progress towards accelerated actions in reaching net zero carbon emissions by the end of 2030 for the Device eXperience Division. It’s worth noting that the Galaxy Z Flip5 incorporates a broader range of recycled materials, such as those obtained from discarded fishing nets, water barrels, and PET bottles. Meanwhile, the paper used for the packaging is made using 100 percent recycled material. These innovations were intentionally created with longevity in mind.

For the improved after-sales service support system, each device comes with five years of security updates and four generations of OS upgrades, helping to extend the product lifecycle. 

The Galaxy Z Flip5 will be available in Malaysia nationwide from 18 August 2023 onwards. Alternatively, pre-order your Galaxy Z Flip5 from RM4,499 from now to 17 August 2023 via here. To learn more about Galaxy Z Flip5, visit the official website

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