Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Review: Is This The Best Foldable of 2023?

We had the massive mobile phone, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 on trial for a week and found that it’s still the best foldable on the market.

Launched in 2019, the first generation of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Series is undeniably a smart device with its flexible display. The biggest breakthrough since the mobile phone, Galaxy Fold introduced category-defying innovation that changed the shape of the phone — and the shape of the future.

Over the next few years, Samsung improved its flagship foldable phone with IPX8 water resistance, a more durable design, and native stylus support. Recently coming to its fifth generation, the pace of innovation has speeded up with more incremental improvements and major upgrades to flesh out the spec sheet.

First – and the key highlight – the Galaxy Z Fold5 boasts an impressive, immersive screen and long-lasting battery in its thinnest and lightest form yet, while also offering unmatched performance in the Galaxy Z series. By this reckoning, how many tweaks and updates should we expect from a smartphone that has progressed to its fifth generation?

Well, we’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 as our full time phone for the past couple of days. The phone turned out to be perfectly capable of doing most of our daily tasks. Without further ado, let’s go further for an in-depth review.

First Impression

Although Samsung has made some modifications to the Galaxy Z Fold5, it still bears a striking resemblance to its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Fold4. However, this new iteration is slimmer and lighter, yet retains the same form factor and overall dimensions. The most notable improvement is the significantly reduced gap when closed, which is a remarkable upgrade from the Galaxy Z Fold4. With Galaxy Z Fold5, the main screen experience works perfectly as a mini tablet, alongside an external stereo speaker system.

Additionally, the Galaxy Z Fold5 boasts an impressive camera setup, including a triple camera system on the back, a selfie camera on the cover display, and an under-display camera on the foldable screen. Through an icy blue contrast, the Galaxy Z Fold5 is shaping up to be a more polished foldable. Its unique silvery-cold appearance appeals to both professional and youthful vibes. It is worth mentioning that the device is more comfortable to hold and easier to grip securely even when holding a cup of coffee.

What We Like

If you’re looking for a phone that can help you boost your productivity, the Galaxy Z Fold5 might just be the answer. There are a bunch of features that have made my life easier. For example, I utilise the Multi Window to split the screen and use Instagram and Notepad at the same time. App Continuity makes sure the apps I’m using don’t close when I fold or unfold the phone. Interestingly, with the Taskbar, I can quickly switch between up to four recent apps, and the drag and drop feature makes it easy to move content between apps and screens.

The Galaxy Z Fold5 is truly remarkable with a battery capacity of 4,400mAh, and the best part is that it supports wired, wireless and reverse wireless charging. Its side-mounted fingerprint scanner also gives the advantage of being easily accessible. This means you can reach out for such sensors without looking at your phone or holding your phone upright.

There is another feature that has become a favourite when shooting video and selfies. For optimal selfie quality, it is advised to utilise the rear camera instead of the cover screen’s relatively basic 10-megapixel selfie camera.

For gamers like me, an incredibly immersive experience with the Galaxy Z Fold5 bulldozed my way to victory, thanks to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform, enhanced graphics and AI technology that enable dynamic gaming and multi-game functionality. Even during gaming sessions, the advanced cooling system keeps the device running smoothly without any lag or performance drops. I also enjoyed the optimal viewing experience on the 7.6-inch Main Screen without any compromise in picture quality, even in bright sunlight.

Is Galaxy Z Fold5 more durable than Galaxy Z Fold4? There’s absolutely no doubt about it. Galaxy Z Fold5 features the new, durable dual rail Flex Hinge. Plus, Galaxy Z Fold5 carries a IPX8 rating for water resistance.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 worth buying?

As an enthusiastic user of foldable devices, I am quite impressed with the Galaxy Z Fold5, with Samsung’s latest Flex Hinge technology being a major milestone. While the phone’s capabilities have remained largely unchanged, its high price point may not necessarily appeal to new enthusiasts of the foldable technology. Despite its price tag, its sleeker design, brighter screen, enhanced multitasking and fantastic gaming experience, the Galaxy Z Fold5 will be the one you don’t want to miss out on.

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