Twinkle and Shine this Christmas with dunhill’s Holiday Collection

Twinkle and Shine this Christmas with dunhill’s Holiday Collection

Classic meets modern

The holidays are your chance to treat yourself and indulge a little, and dunhill’s 2018 Crush Festive Campaign invites you to add a little shine in your life. The collection is in collaboration with artist and designer Fredrikson Stallard, who created mirrored polished aluminium sculptures by hand to accompany the collection as part of dunhill stores worldwide.

The Crush collection features must-have accessories for men, from leather briefcases to walking shoes, each with a little metallic feature to accent the piece and tie in with the Stallard sculptures.

The collection is a way for dunhill’s creative director Mark Weston to express the maison’s design vocabulary, a contrast of solid and fluid that is shown in the crumpled aluminium pieces. With this collaboration, Weston is bringing a more subtle approach to dunhill’s Christmas season while focusing instead on showcasing the craftsmanship heritage that the marque is known for.

Fredrikson Stallard’s sculptures are on exhibition along with the Festive Collection at all dunhill flagship stores worldwide, and will be available till the end of the festive season.

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