The Essential, Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide!

The Essential, Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Have you waited ‘till the last minute again to get him a gift this year?

Really now, choosing the best Father’s Day gift is more important than ever in this challenging year that is 2021!

While your dad – or the adored father figure in your life – deserves to be thanked and appreciated every day of the year, it’s also a great idea to use June 20th as the ultimate excuse to shower him in meaningful Father’s Day gifts that’ll show the poor man just how much you care. And you know what? That day in question is just around the corner!

Luckily, there are always plenty of unique gifts for dads to go around this Father’s Day… 

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Really… Blooms for Dad?

Father’s day 2021

Father’s Day 2021

Actually, it’s more of a gift set… with a twist! This clever partnership with Daun & Petals florist offers three exclusive bespoke floral creations crafted to best reflect and embody the character of the men we are celebrating.

Set 1: The Connoisseur – Perfect for the guy who navigates life with opulence and radiance The set comprises of a bottle of Rémy Martin’s XO cognac in an exclusive limited-edition box creation of only 10 sets for Malaysia and is priced at RM1500.00.

Set 2: The Hero – If dad’s a hero that leads by example, this rewards him with a bottle of Bruichladdich’s Port Charlotte 10, accompanied by a bouquet designed to tell the story of the heavily peated rich and smoky Islay single malt Scotch whisky. This gift set is priced at RM695.00.

Set 3: The Artist – Does he have the heart of an explorer, always seeking, discovering, and creating? Then honour that pioneering soul with this set containing a bottle of The Botanist gin and a bouquet that is designed to tell the story of the spirit of the wild. It’s priced at RM505.00.

Gifts sets can be found on Daun Petals and Wholly Spirits Asia

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