Fashion Takes A Greener Stance In The Face Of Climate Change

Fashion Takes A Greener Stance In The Face Of Climate Change

In the world of fashion Green is the new Black.

Climate change is steadily affecting our civilisation as a whole and the news can barely seem to part itself away from the topic to discuss the other global issues of today. However, with the international community as a whole deviating away from consuming animal products, doing away with plastic household products and generally becoming more aware of their environmental footprint, a new wave of change is beginning to hit.

Despite the need to sacrifice the things you love doing for the sake of the greater good, ala any protagonist from a hit franchise, there are definitely brands who have come together to ease this transition to a guilt-free lifestyle. The unearthing of fast fashion and its strain on the world has culminated in a plethora of sustainable eco-friendly luxury brands that are guaranteed to fit in with your wardrobe as well as act as a lovely gift for your significant other. 

Stella McCartney

Very much ahead of its time with the creation of the first ‘vegetarian’ luxury brand in 2001, Stella McCartney has played a big part in establishing ethical and sustainable high fashion in an industry where certain morals are blurred for the sake of the art form. Creating a non-stop carousel of sharply tailored suits intertwined with an underlying femininity that belongs in the boardroom, her collection for both men and women have set the bar higher and higher each fashion season. With an ardent following as well as an ongoing yet heightened general awareness on environmental issues, Stella McCartney has also been able to go further and released their own line of sustainable eyewear, 50% of which is made from natural and renewable resources, a whole line of biodegradable shoes, unveiled in her Autumn/Winter Collections 2012, and a lingerie line made from recycled metal and organic cotton. 

Rag & Bone

Another British icon to keep in your pocket for a day when you would like to imbibe a sense of streetwear into your closet, Rag & Bone has been around since 2002 and has become synonymous with delivering collections worthy of the edgy style from the streets of New York. The brand slowly began to take steps towards more eco-friendly practices with their sustainable program, The denim recycling project, created in partnership with Cotton Corporated’s Blue Jeans Go Green. The project allowed customers to return their unwanted or ill-fitted jeans back to the company who would then upcycle them into UltraTouch Denim Insulation, which is then provided to communities and private construction companies during the year. The project is still going strong and has helped hundreds and thousands of people through a practice that requires something as simple as returning jeans. 

One Vintage

Never one to do away with the old just to make way for the new, One Vintage specialises in recreating and reupholstering antique textiles and relics into modern pieces that would fit seamlessly into the wardrobe for today. Created at the turn of the century in 2000, the store has gone on to quietly take over the luxury market one vintage at a time, as they preserve the handcrafted excellence of the post and simply upcycle it to a different audience. Recently in 2019,  the company has also gone on to collaborate with the luxury retailer, Browns, by releasing a collection of 100 exclusive items that could only be found at the South Molton Street Flagship store as well as online. With One Vintage turning a glorious 20 this year, there is so much more to be delivered from the ingenious vintage store with a heart for haute couture.

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