Engineer the spirit of adventure and travels into your life with the Montblanc Explorer

Engineer the spirit of adventure and travels into your life with the Montblanc Explorer

Cheers to adventuring.

Working a day job between the pre-requisite hours of 9 am to 5 pm can certainly dampen one’s creative and adventurous spirit, especially if one is so inclined to break away from the mundanity of it all, a la Secret Life of Walter Mitty style. For those with the urge to travel flowing within them, the call of the unknown can easily be answered with Montblanc’s latest fragrance, EXPLORER.

Born from the house that has provided travellers with classic writing instruments that have encountered many a terrain without a single leak, the fragrance of the year, EXPLORER, is made from ingredients sourced internationally from vastly different nations to imbibe the sense of journey and exploration into the everyday. 


With top notes of Bergamot from Italy that gives it a bright, effervescent feel, the Bergamot known as OrPur gives off fresh floral notes which blend fantastically well with the heart notes of Vetiver from the south-west of Haiti, where the ethically produced plant gives off smoky hues with a slight overtone mimicking the scent of hazelnut. The top and heart notes are finally contrasted with Patchouli from the east of Borneo in Indonesia. The sharp and complex character of the Patchouli cuts through and defines the top and heart notes of the scent whilst adding a sensuous warmth to the overall scent.

The fragrance was created and pieced together with experts from Givaudan, Jordi Fernandez, Antoine Maisondieu and Olivier Pescheux who individually looked into their lives as a traveller to draw inspiration for the Montblanc EXPLORER. The fragrance also has it’s own travel diary to bring to attention the global effort it took to come up with a fragrance that would appeal to the man on the go, from the design of the bottle to the moulding of the glass all the way to the ethically sourced international ingredients, the only thing the fragrance needs now is you.

But the fragrance itself is but part of the journey.  Montblanc also exhibits its fine craftsmanship even in the bottle. Made of thick glass, its spherical shape evokes timeless solidity. At the bottom, like a mythical treasure, lies Montblanc’s emblem, represents the snow-covered peak of Mont Blanc

The leather-like protective sheath envelops the bottle is printed with the elegant Saffiano motif used on Montblanc creations since 1926. Adding to that the signature star that adorns all of Montblanc’s leather goods is made exclusively in Hamburg.

Both the sleeve and emblem at assembled by hand at the Montblanc Pelleteria in Florence.

With its elongated shape specially designed for travelling, the 30ml bottle – the travellers’ favourite – stands out in the collection.

The Montblanc Explorer fragrance is available at RM199 for a 30ml bottle, RM299 for a 60ml bottle and RM399 for a 100ml bottle.

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