Clic-Clac By Henry Jacques: The Most Alluring Gift Of The Season

A new cult object of stylish elegance and mystery, Henry Jacques unveils their latest avant-garde collection of solid perfume.
By Corina Tan

Henry Jacques Parfums Clic-Clac

For nearly half a century, the House of Henry Jacques has curated bespoke fragrances with a taste for absolute refinement, an obsession for rarity and perfection, designed for the discerning few.  With several decades of expertise, the parfumerie has been able to create new memories and reawaken lost emotions through a deep passion for fragrance.  This season, the expert French perfumer breathes new life into the ancient art of solid perfume through innovation and creation with an element of surprise.

Launching a sophisticated and contemporary accessory, the Maison uses virtuoso expertise to create a revolutionary collection of solid perfumes – Clic-Clac.  Available in precious avant-garde materials such as titanium, carbon and gold, Clic-Clac houses all 50 Les Classiques scents in the form of interchangeable solid perfume capsules.  In reviving the gesture of applying solid perfume, the challenge was to maintain and stay true to the original fragrances of its 50 Les Classiques collection, ensuring that the scents remained perfect even in solid form.  The second challenge was to create a fascinating and alluring accessory that not only exuded luxury but could also be a perfect everyday lucky charm.  Henry Jacques turned to Swiss watchmaking expertise who offered an opening mechanism of foolproof precision that was able to withstand the wear of daily handling.  With over four years of development in immense technical know-how and engineering precision, the extravagant Clic-Clac reached its height of perfection.

“The creation of this object quickly transported us and overwhelmed us, surpassing all our expectations. Addictive for us, and fascinating for others, the Clic-Clac responds to the need of an era and a generation – a powerful response to something clearly lacking today,” says Anne-Lise Cremona, CEO of Henry Jacques.

Unveiled in all its splendour, Clic-Clac reintroduces a mark of allure into daily lives, giving its owner an elegant air of poise and nonchalance.  An exquisite model of refinement, a symbol of distinction and a mark of luxury, Clic-Clac aims to be a cult object of stylish elegance and mystery.  Over time, set to become an ultimate talisman, holding collections of intimate memories, stories and emotions that define the aura of its owner.


Now available at Henry Jacques boutique, Pavillion KL and retailing from MYR 133,875.



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