In Conversation with Radzi Tajuddin

We recently spoke to Radzi Tajuddin the Co- Founder of Hi Home and Hi Wealth.

Radzi Tajuddin

Hi Wealth is an accelerator program that helps to empower the M40 group about wealth creation. If you fall into the M40 Group and you are struggling at the moment due to the pandemic,  Hi Wealth offers you Wealth Creation programs that can help to improve your monthly cashflow.  Learn how to acquire good assets and build your financial network.

Hi Wealth started in July 2020 and has since received more than 3000 applicants. However, the company’s goes through a stringent process of evaluating the background of the participants. Essentially they can only accept 100 participants per batch, and at the moment they are currently processing batch 3.

Hi Mortgage is another arm of Hi Wealth which focuses on housing loan applications. If you are looking to purchase a home, chances are you will apply for a housing loan from the bank. But what many people are unaware of is that it’s very difficult to apply for a housing loan, approval rate is very low in the market. Hi Mortgage works as your personal digital banker, who will guide you to ensure that your application will be approved by banks.


In Conversation with Radzi Tajuddin, Co-Founder of Hi Home and Hi Wealth


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