Melinda Looi on Living Spaces That Reflect Your Personality

Melinda Looi and Cosentino delve into thematic creating living spaces matching the personalities of its residents

(L-R) Chantelle Chen, Marketing Manager of Cosentino Malaysia, Melinda Looi, Founder of Bespoke ID by Melinda Looi, Iván Capelo, General Manager of Cosentino Malaysia

Looks like award-winning local fashion designer Melinda Looi, previously known for her signature avant-garde and vintage style, is now also making her mark in interior design with her latest collaboration alongside leading Spanish brand in architectural surfaces, Cosentino.

On November 18, in a plesantly innovative effort to unveil four brand new colours for its all-new Ethereal by Silestone collection – Ethereal Dusk, Ethereal Haze, Ethereal Glow and Ethereal Noctis) – Cosentino held an interactive virtual interior styling masterclass to illustrate how these new releases may be incorporated into one’s home in the most effective and personal manner.

This time around, Looi definitely did not give the run-of-the-mill, fashion-centric presentation on colour matching that perhaps some had expected. Instead, throughout the masterclass, she carefully explained how an individual’s own personality traits can be used quite accurately to gauge the sort of suitable atmosphere his or her living space should exude!

The Sophisticated Moodboard

Looi thus enthused to participants that day about the importance of creating thematic living spaces that match the personality of the people who call these spaces their own!

This ranged from creating an energetic atmosphere for a lively person, to curating an artistic environment for a more creative personality. Meanwhile, she reckons crafting a sleek and clean space would appeal to a minimalist sort, while a classy and elegant abode would definitely entice individuals who prefer more timeless designs.

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“Every home or important space should be reflective of an individual’s personality as it is where they spend most of their time in,” reveals Looi. That’s why according to her, it is important to invest in the right sort of surfaces for them. “These must be chic and sustainable, which can easily be adaptable to any space to provide homeowners that elevated experience desired. And the Ethereal by Silestone collection is a testament to that.”

Melinda Looi sharing a sneak preview of a project

“Similar to fashion,” she continues, “You can always include different styles and elements into a dress to create more textures, and interior design is the same. You can always feature a combination of different surfaces, such as the different colours from the Ethereal by Silestone collection for interior design inspiration.”

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And as icing on the cake, Cosentino also took the opportunity to roll out “The Metamorphosis,” a global avant-garde campaign video starring entrepreneur and international fashion icon Cindy Crawford during the virtual session. This vehicle served as a showcase for Cosentino’s connection with nature and its efforts to inspire change from within with all that it does.

It is also an allegory for the brand’s own transition and work to be innovative and revolutionary, something which it proudly demonstrates through the sustainable HybriQ+ technology – a manufacturing process completely fuelled by renewable energy and recycled water – that is the cornerstone of the Ethereal by Silestone surfaces collection.


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