Future Shapers: Henry Ting of TTRacing On Crafting The Ultimate Gaming Chair Experience

From humble beginnings in Singapore to expanding across Southeast Asia, the brainchild behind TTRacing has set new benchmarks in comfort and performance for gamers and professionals alike.
TTRacing Henry Ting

Henry Ting, Founder of TTRacing

As Gabe Newell, the president and co-founder of Valve Corporation puts it, “Games are art in motion, and each player is a creator of their own experience.”

This notion is true for avid gamers, where gaming is more than mere personal enjoyment and fitting into a community. Many gamers dream of leaving a mark and transforming the gaming world. It goes beyond screens and consoles, unlocking a world where imagination knows no bounds. As technology progresses and gaming culture evolves, even the comfort of the seats holds untapped potential for virtual worlds and the people who dive into them.

Starting with a simple passion for gaming, Henry Ting, the brainchild behind TTRacing has pioneered advancements in gaming and ergonomic solutions. Since its founding in 2017, the company has rapidly become a leading name in the gaming chair industry, renowned for its high-quality gaming and office chairs, tailored to meet the needs of both gamers and professionals.

What began as Henry’s passion for gaming has flourished into a thriving business, now serving enthusiasts and professionals across Southeast Asia. Established with a mission to offer comfortable and ergonomic seating solutions, TTRacing nails it with stylish designs, durability, and attention to detail.

TTRacing Henry Ting


As a devoted gamer, the founder faced a common dilemma: high-quality gaming accessories were prohibitively expensive. Growing up, he loved playing games but couldn’t afford the branded high-end gear. When he couldn’t find affordable alternatives, he thought, ‘Why not make my own’? This simple yet profound idea laid the foundation for TTRacing.

By 2016, gaming chairs remained a niche product, largely unknown in the mainstream market. Recognising a promising opportunity, Henry decided to pivot his focus. “When I first encountered gaming chairs, I knew they had the potential to be huge. After graduating from Singapore, I made the decision to introduce this innovation to Malaysia,” he explains.

Initially, Henry started the business with minimal capital, operating on a pre-order basis. The early months were challenging, with modest sales and profits. However, his determination and belief in the potential of affordable gaming accessories kept him going. “Making just a thousand dollars in the first three months was a small step, but it was the beginning of something much bigger,” he recalls.

With no external funding and relying solely on savings from his previous venture, Henry invested approximately RM400,000 to launch TTRacing. The early years were tough since the concept of gaming chairs was unfamiliar to the market. “I often received blank stares and it was a difficult beginning, but I had faith that the market would eventually embrace this new concept,” Henry says.


Before the pandemic hit, TTRacing was gaining momentum with a series of new product launches and inventions. Surprisingly, the pandemic sparked a significant growth for the company. During that time, everyone was stuck at home and looking to improve their living conditions, gaming chairs became a necessity rather than a luxury. He saw its business increase tenfold during this time, solidifying its position as a market leader.

Being recognised in Forbes 30 Under 30 and nominated for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year in Malaysia left Henry pleasantly surprised. “Undoubtedly, these recognitions opened numerous doors for us. The same applies to the company. But what truly counts is our ability to sustain these conversations and deliver on our promises.”

Having now served over 300,000 users, one of the most memorable milestones is the creation of the Spider-Man chair. “It took us months to get the colours and motifs just right, to really capture Spider-Man’s essence,” Henry explains.

Creating the Spider-Man chair was a meticulous process that involved painstaking efforts to match the elements of Spider-Man’s iconic suit. “We made sure the blue PU leather matched the reflective blue of Spider-Man’s suit, and the red had to perfectly replicate the suit’s reflective red,” Henry adds. It resulted in a product that deeply resonates with fans and sets a new benchmark in the industry.

TTRacing Henry Ting

TTRacing Duo V4 Pro Gaming Chair – Spider-Man Edition

From entry-level chairs to high-end models featuring customisable features, the company offers various products tailored to various needs. “We strive to cater to everyone who spends long hours in a chair, not just gamers. Our products prioritise user comfort and health,”  he adds.

Known for their conscientious detail, TTRacing chairs undergo rigorous development processes from concept to completion. “We begin by defining the chair’s identity, understanding its theme and cultural context. We then brainstorm and refine our ideas through multiple design and sampling phases.”


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But Henry’s entrepreneurial journey doesn’t end there. Looking ahead, TTRacing is gearing up for expansion across Southeast Asia and beyond. Their focus has expanded beyond gaming chairs to include other ergonomic solutions like smart desks and Ergochairs.

TTRacing is gearing up for continuous growth and ingenuity, with upcoming plans to expand into new markets like Australia. “Our goal is to develop products that meet the needs across their lifetimes,” Henry reveals.

Broadening its product lineup to feature smart desks and ergonomic chairs allows them to reach a broader audience beyond gamers. “As users evolve beyond the gaming chair phase, they often seek something more formal yet still ergonomic. Our Ergochairs are ideal for this transition.”

Nostalgia continues to drive the founder’s journey from a passionate gamer to an accomplished entrepreneur, motivated by his aspiration to elevate the gaming experience for others. Despite his packed schedule, he still holds dear to his gaming passions.

“Things have changed,” Henry muses. “I can’t just call up friends and head to the cybercafé for gaming like we used to in our younger days. Nowadays, I mainly game for trial or inspiration, which is a shift from the carefree enjoyment we once had.”

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