Every Frame A Painting – A Word With Christopher Doyle & Saw Teong Hin

The Peak Malaysia sits down with Christopher Doyle and Saw Teong Hin to talk about their latest film ‘You Mean The World to Me’ and to discuss their love of...

It was in 2009 when Malaysian film director Saw Teong Hin first began working on a script based on his own family’s story. Seven years later, and that story is now finally ready to be released in cinemas nationwide.

You Mean The World To Me is a poignant tale of sacrifice, passion and redemption. Produced by Astro Shaw and Real Films, the film began production in January 2016 and was shot entirely in Penang over 17 days. The film was shot by internationally-acclaimed cinematographer Christopher Doyle, who is best known for his work with award-winning directors like Wong Kar Wai and Zhang Yimou. In the clip above, we speak to Doyle and Saw to discuss their love of filmmaking and storytelling.

Video: Shepherd Pictures 
Makeup: Joey Yap
Hair: Angeline Low
Venue: Traders Hotels

Update: We just got word that according to British Cinematographer, Christopher Doyle will be presented with the “Pierre Angénieux ExcelLens in Cinematography” award at the Buñuel Theatre in the Palais des Festivals on the 26th of May. Doyle’s distinctive work with light and colour can be seen in more than 60 films directed by Edward Yang, Stan Lai, Zhang Yuan in addition to the forementioned directors Wong Kar Wai and Zhang Yimou.

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