Choong Pin Hoong of Syarikat Letrik Chen Guan On A Journey Marked by Achievements

In an exclusive interview, he talks to The Peak Malaysia about partnership, business milestones and Hennessy X.O.
Choong Pin Hoong

Choong Pin Hoong at Hennessy Greatness Is An Odyssey KL

As one of the exceptional young entrepreneurs and business leaders chosen by Hennessy X.O, Choong Pin Hoong, Director of Syarikat Letrik Chen Guan Sdn Bhd, graciously hosted the second edition of the prestigious Hennessy X.O Greatness Is An Odyssey event at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur. Choong talks to The Peak Malaysia about his aspirations, business achievements, and his profound connection with Hennessy X.O that continues to shape his entrepreneurial odyssey.

What does this partnership between Hennessy X.O’s Greatness is an Odyssey mean to you?

I was surprised and delighted to discover I was selected by Hennessy at the beginning. As someone who usually keeps a low profile, I rarely engage in public events; my primary focus is on excelling in my work. However, as I delved into the collaborative nature of Hennessy X.O’s events, I discovered the experience to be exceptionally rewarding. This dynamic platform acknowledges my achievements, creates a space where connections can flourish, knowledge can be shared, and serves as a collective motivation to become a driving force for more success stories.

You mentioned that taking risks is part of the journey to reaching your goals. How has this paid off for you in your career so far?

Being the second generation in our family business presented a significant challenge when I took the reins from my father. During his tenure, our annual turnover hovered around RM 20 million. Once me and my brother assumed control, we witnessed a notable increase, reaching between RM 20 and RM 40 million, even edging close to RM 50 million.

Navigating this transition was a bet, as the contracting business relies heavily on deal amounts. A RM 30 million project, for instance, posed a substantial risk. In such a dynamic field, it’s not all black and white; decisions must be made carefully.

In business, taking risks is just part of the game. Every decision comes with its own set of risks. In my perspective, I don’t see decisions as right or wrong; it’s about whether they’re appropriate. A wrong choice constitutes a risk, and the cost of an inappropriate decision can be steep.

Choong Pin Hoong

Choong Pin Hoong at Hennessy Greatness Is An Odyssey KL

What are some of the career milestones you are most proud of?

Assuming a leadership role wasn’t an immediate step after graduation for me. I dedicated two to three years to working within the company. The turning point came when my father decided to step down, entrusting the entire business to my brother and me. This journey was marked by numerous firsts, but the standout moment was when we secured a bid for a massive project, the largest our company had taken on.

The sense of fulfilment was immense, and the company tasted tremendous success. Building and maintaining strong relationships with clients has been a cornerstone; some have endured for over a decade. This bond leaves me feeling grateful and happy. I deeply appreciate their trust in our company, and I firmly believe that we will continue to progress and achieve even greater heights.

Choong Pin Hoong at Hennessy Greatness Is An Odyssey KL

What is your main focus these days?

Up until now, my primary focus has been on the company. Lately, the government has been spearheading diverse projects, particularly in the realm of digitalization. As a result, I’m eager for our company to embark on the path of digital transformation in the coming years.

Beyond that, I aspire to delve into something distinctly novel, a departure from our past endeavours. Currently, our business revolves around electronics, engineering construction, and services. Looking ahead, my ambitions stretch into uncharted territories such as oil and gas, data centres, and, undoubtedly, more formidable domains like shipbuilding and aircraft manufacturing. Viewing this as a milestone I aim to achieve in my life, I’m enthusiastic about broadening our horizons.

How do you take your Hennessy X.O?

Personally, I lean towards a stronger taste. I’d describe myself as a social drinker. I prefer to savour the pure Hennessy X.O. Its aftertaste and complexity are what I enjoy in a drink—not too strong or dry, where it’s just right with every sip.

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