The Wonderarium Series of Cocktail and Tapas Parties Returns For Its Third Installment

The Wonderarium Series of Cocktail and Tapas Parties Returns For Its Third Installment

Discover all about The Wonderarium As It Returns For Another Tasty Night Out!

The discovery of new flavours, and the pairing of good food and drink, is a pastime that’s as old as any.

But when was the last time such a journey became a fun night out kind of discovery? Fortunately, KL has been full of creative energy lately, and with this sort of driving force behind everything exciting in this city, new dining experiences, fortunately, emerge with refreshing frequency!

And one such spark of brilliance was the third installment of The Wonderarium series of cocktail and tapas parties, this time with a collaboration by Cognac stalwart House of Martell and Babe by Jeff Ramsey (pictured above) – a new age Japanese eatery conceptualised by Ramsey, himself a Michelin-starred artisan, and star bartender Karl Too of award-winning KL cocktail bar Omakase + Appreciate, one of the outstanding watering holes in the coveted Asia’s 50 Best Bars list and also the venue for The Wonderarium this time around.

Taking place over December 13 & 14 recently, these two nights saw the celebration of the audacious pairing of both bitter and refreshing flavours, along with the ‘mouthfeel’ through the art of bespoke cocktails making and Babe’s signature fun-dining ‘Japas’, or Japanese-styled tapas. Throughout the two nights, Chef Ramsey the entertainer offered guests unanticipated ways to experience food like taking a drink that is both hot and cold and the chance to “inhale” a famed dish – just a couple of surprises out of the Martell Trunk of tricks at his disposal over the two nights.

Ramsey’s Japas adventure began with the Halibut Sashimi with Nuta Miso. This was pleasantly salty, sweet, earthy, fruity, and savory all at once. Then, the Pomelo & Prawn Tartlette was akin to a delightful micro seafood salad. Finally, the Truffled Wagyu Sukiyaki just made everyone wish there was perhaps more of the tasty, textured tenderness to go around… Really, a bit of a cruel tease this one!

Meanwhile, noted bartender Karl Too from Omakase + Appreciate paired the trio of canapés with his own three cocktails featuring the Martell VSOP Aged in Red Barrels cognac – with the pleasantness of ripe fruit flavours and a hint of wood and soft spices. ‘Dive’ was citrusy in nature and featured rectified grape juice, endive and Miso, while the spicy ‘Rad’ kept the conversation spirited with the taste of spiced Brazil cold brew, grilled Radicchio and soy. Finally, the refreshing combination of Dandelion Greens, Watermelon and Pistachios in ‘Ze’ cooled the steamy night off quite nicely, indeed.

Watch out for more future adventures with The Wonderarium in these pages real soon!

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