The Rubens at The Palace serves £500 Pot of Tea Just Opposite Buckingham Palace

The Rubens at The Palace serves £500 Pot of Tea Just Opposite Buckingham Palace

Just how much is a good afternoon tea worth to you? This UK hotel thinks it has the perfect blend of tea that is worth every penny.

Everyone loves a good cup of tea, but would you pay £500 to enjoy it? Five-star luxury hotel The Rubens at The Palace believes that customers are willing to part with their money enjoy an afternoon tea at London’s most regal location.

The tea was made in collaboration with specialist tea merchants PMD Tea. Sourced from the highlands of Sri Lanka. Ceylon Golden Tips are picked by expert tea pluckers who pick only the tips of the tea plant at sunrise.

The buds are then sundried on a velvet cloth with the utmost care, turning the buds from silver to gold hence earning them the title ‘The Rubens Golden Tips Tea’, a pot serving three cups is priced at £500.

The Rubens Golden Tips Tea has a smooth, light, mellow texture with hints of fruity notes. The tea leaves can be infused up to three times, with the flavour profile changing each time for the drinker to enjoy a new depth of flavour.

Apart from the tea, guests can expect to be served freshly baked scones, pastries and finger sandwiches as they enjoy the view overlooking The Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace

To complete the five-star treatment for its guests, The Rubens at The Palace will use gold tweezers to pick the leaves and weigh them in precision before the tea is infused with still natural mineral water and served from a special silver tea set, complete with white-gloved service from the hotel staff.

The Royal Afternoon Tea is served in The Rubens’ Palace Lounge daily from midday – 5pm (and until 6pm on Saturday). The Afternoon Tea is priced from £45 per person, and The Rubens Golden Tips Tea is priced at an additional £500 per pot.

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