Sitka serves up a Michelin worthy meal with Guest Chef Taku Sekine working with in-house Chef Christian Recomio

Sitka serves up a Michelin worthy meal with Guest Chef Taku Sekine working with in-house Chef Christian Recomio

Pull up your seat.

Known for its Modern Asian take on food around the region with its constantly evolving gourmet menu, Sitka Restaurant and Studio have come together for two nights of absolutely epicurean pleasure with guest chef, Taku Sekine and Head Chef of Sitka, Christian Recomio. The entire spread will be paired with Perrier-Jouët champagnes because there is never not a moment to celebrate life especially with good food in the midst!

Chef Taku Sekine

Chef Christian Recomio

On both the 17th and 19th of October, Guest Chef Sekine and Head Chef Recomio will be cooking together to combine both their styles into a unique French-Asian blend that pairs swimmingly with Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut. Chef Taku Sekine’s prior experience apprenticing at world-renowned French Chef Alain Ducasse’s three-star Michelin restaurant, Beige, in Ginza as well as presently helming the kitchens at both highly acclaimed Parisian restaurants, Cheval d’Or and Dersou.

Prepare your palate for Chef Sekine’s kitchen takeover on the 17th of October, serving up the best dishes from Cheval d’Or’s gastronomic array. Served at the Sitka Restaurant, begin the night with cucumber and fermented black bean appetiser, make your way through five mains consisting of Seabass sashimi, Cured beef tataki, Crab soup, Black balsamico chicken and King Prawn kakiage before ending your mean on a Fig, tamarind and milk ice cream mix. 

The 19th of October focuses more on the epicurean confluence between both Chef Sekine and Chef Recomio at Sitka Studio, so get ready for a 7-course meal with a hearty splash of Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut on the side. Snacks begin with two options of either Fried shrimp wonton in soured chilli sesame sauce or Citrus cauliflower cream tartelette with crab and caviar, served with an accompanying tipple of Lillet Blanc, Monkey 47 Gin and Elderflower.  

The entire course is served in categories beginning with ‘Raw’ which serves Sea bass ceviche, cockles and corn juice to ‘Cavatelli’ which is pasta with Shiitake, dried scallop and parmesan. From ‘Fish’ to ‘Meat’ before finally ending on ‘Pre-dessert’ and ‘Dessert’ which showcases roasted banana and spiced caramel, the entire menu has been curated to meet everyone’s tastebuds.

With the 17th of October menu priced at MYR 150 per person and the 19th October menu at MYR 475 per person, pick your vice and head on down to Damansara Heights for a taste of manana. 

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