Making A Statement With Dewar’s Double Aged Whisky

Making A Statement With Dewar’s Double Aged Whisky

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Founded in 1846, John Dewar & Sons has grown to become a globally successful brand, garnering more than 500 awards from international competitions for its blended whisky over the years. Each bottle of Dewar’s blended Scotch whisky undergoes a double ageing process in the brand’s Aberfeldy Distillery on the southern bank of the upper River Tay. The distillery is also home to Dewar’s World of Whisky, an interactive heritage exhibition that tells the story of the Dewar’s family and its pursuit of whisky perfection.

A recent event in Kuala Lumpur saw Dewar’s, which is part of global spirits company Bacardi, conduct an exclusive whisky academy that offered entertainment and great food, all accompanied by its excellent whisky, to select guests at Troika Sky Dining. The event lent a spotlight to the brand’s rich history and, especially, the versatility of its whisky. It also marked the beginning of a bigger push to highlight, particularly, its 15 and 18 Year Old expressions (see sidebar). Jeremy Briscoe, Bacardi-Martini Asia Pacific’s Head of Customer Marketing South-East Asia, said: “Malaysia is a huge market for brown spirits and I think we can do something big here. It’s the right time for us to come in with Dewar’s premium spirits, and Dewar’s is all about time – and this is our time.”

Tasting Notes


Golden honey and decadent toffee sauce. Luxurious and complex, with succulent exotic fruits, and hints of coconut and vanilla. Delicate floral aromas, and smooth and well-rounded with a lengthy, warming finish.


Heather honey poured over fruit, rich, golden and mellow. Almond and vanilla cream, with smooth butterscotch. Soft, flavoursome and sweet, with a full finish that is rich, deep and lasting.

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