Learn All About Tuak At Borneo Restaurant and Bar's First Masterclass Weekend

Learn All About Tuak At Borneo Restaurant and Bar’s First Masterclass Weekend

Be enlightened and learn about facts on Tuak you never knew before.

There is nothing better than kicking back during the weekend and relaxing with a drink in hand. But have you ever wondered the process that goes making Tuak, the indigenous rice wine that hails from all parts of Borneo Island?

Well, you are just in luck because, throughout the month of August, East Malaysia-themed restaurant Borneo Restaurant and Bar is organising its first Tuak Masterclass weekend event set to take place from Aug 9 to 11.

The Masterclass is part of the Bangsar-based restaurant’s mission to increase awareness of the drink and help enthusiasts gain a deeper appreciation of the indigenous rice wine.

This collaborative weekend features three different events with a tuak expert from Kuching. Maynard Keyne Langet, owner of Bad Cat Tuak adapts a Bidayuhstyle approach when making his homebrews, and is experimental with making flavoured variations of the rice wine.

From the sweet fruity Roselle Tuak, to the robust, spiced Black Pepper Tuak, Maynard’s work of art is also showcased in a food and tuak pairing dinner, alongside unique offerings such as ayam pansuh, a chicken dish cooked in bamboo stalk with herbs and tapioca leaves, and linut, a traditional Melanau food made of sago.

If you have no idea what Tuak is, attend the first event titled ‘Tuak History and Culture” to discover more the drink’s origin and its rich history. Priced at RM68 per pax, the event is set to take place on Aug 9 from 6.30pm to 7:30pm.

However, if you are curious about what food goes together with Tuak then the second event “Food and Tuak Pairing Dinner” may be just for you. Taking place on Aug 10 from 7pm onwards, attendees will have to pay RM108 per pax to attend.

Finally,  the exciting weekend caps off on Aug 11 with two insightful sessions of Tuak Making Workshop, a hands-on guide to rice-based (2pm to 4pm) and fruit-based tuak brewing (5pm to 7pm). The price to attend each session is RM380 per pax though groups of two and above get 10% off.  Rest assured that the sessions will be a sensory experience for the curious as participants will get to sample different types of artisanal tuak, as well as try their hand at making their own delicious infusion.

To make a reservation call +6010 250 2255 or send a direct message to @borneo_bangsar on Instagram.

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