Haute Cuisine at Monsieur Dior

Christian Dior pays tribute to the art of pleasure, perfection in craftsmanship, and sharing at 30 Montaigne, Paris.

Step Inside Dior’s Maison of Sweets.

Ever wondered what Haute cuisine looks like? Here’s your chance to experience a taste of Dior next time you’re in Paris.

Monsieur Dior,  is  Christian Dior’s latest venture located at 30 Montaigne, Paris. With a cuisine that embodies the French way of life, the restaurant seeks to honour Christian Dior’s passion for the culinary arts. Monsieur Dior is run by French Chef Jean Imbert, who also runs Le Restaurant Monsieur Dior and La Pâtisserie Dior with his long-time associate Anthony Clémot.

This private mansion houses a boutique with RTW, Haute Couture, accessories, and jewellery collections as well as the Dior Gallery. You won’t want to miss out on the French garden and a private suite aswell.

Most of all, Chef Jean Imbert conveys the delicacy and taste of Christian Dior himself, above all, through dishes with hauntingly beautiful names. What we’re most excited about is the ‘New Look Truffle Croque,’ Christian Dior soft-boiled eggs gliding on a bed of caviar and cream, and Granville Crab encased in avocado and served with grapefruits. Don’t forget to try the Ravioli and farandole of desserts such as Vanilla Flan, Chocolate Pie and many more.

Monsiuer Dior has a Chef Barista on hand, to make sure your cup of coffee is flawless and perfect. Indulge in exciting Haute cuisine from breakfast to teatime at a Dior Maison, a one-of-a-kind establishment that offers food, art and fashion all in one venue.

Christian Dior pays tribute to the art of pleasure, perfection in craftsmanship, and sharing.

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All images courtesy of Dior.

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