Get your morning coffee right with Nespresso’s selection of coffee machines and accessories

Get your morning coffee right with Nespresso’s selection of coffee machines and accessories

Perfect start

All of us have our own morning rituals, things we do after we wake up to prepare ourselves for the day to come. These routines – be it a sunrise yoga session, a quick run or even taking the time to flip through the newspaper – help relax us and set us up for a productive day ahead. For many, a cup of coffee is just the thing to help kick-start the day. In fact, research by Nespresso, the world leader in coffee machines and coffee-maker technology, showed that 91 per cent of us drink coffee in and out of the home, and 56 per cent drink our coffee in the morning.

The Nespresso Lattissima One

Since all of us have our own opinions on what constitutes the perfect morning cup of coffee, Nespresso has the perfect selection of coffee machines and limited edition accessories to cater to everyone’s individual morning routines, helping to make us extra special. Your perfect morning can start with just the touch of a button on Nespresso’s Lattissima One, the most compact machine within the Lattissima range.

A perfect fit in any kitchen, it features a premium and compact design with quality finishing and material such as a chromed lever, and subtle gloss and matte line patterns. A machine for espresso lovers who occasionally fancy some milk indulgence, the Lattissima One confidently delivers top-quality cappuccino and latte macchiato with a new and innovative fresh milk system – simply fill the milk jug with the amount of milk you want and the machine will froth it directly into your cup for a perfect beverage. There is also no wastage as the machine’s single-serve system ensures all the milk in the jug is used. The milk jug, additionally, is dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning even easier.

You can also prolong the enjoyment of your morning coffee with Nespresso’s limited edition Travel Mug, which is perfect for commuting as is designed to keep your coffee warm for as long as you need.

For more information and unique coffee moments with Nespresso, visit or visit The Gardens at Mid Valley City and try it for yourself.

*This article was brought to you by Nespresso.

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