In Conversation with Goh Soon Sinn of Waterco Limited

“I moved to Australia some 40 years ago and was very keen to find something to do.”

This month. Mr.Goh Soon Sinn, the Founder and Chairman of Waterco Group and Waterco Limited, graces The Peak’s Digital cover. Waterco  Limited is known for pioneering reliable solutions for healthy, safe water environments in the aquaculture, swimming pool, and water treatment sectors. Based in Australia the company has expanded to the ANZAC region, U.S and Europe. This year marks 40 years since the establishment of Waterco Limited.


Mr. Goh Soon Sinn received the award for SMEs BestBrands at The BrandLaureate Awards 2017-2018.

“We are constantly looking for opportunities, trying to find out what the gaps are in the market. And I guess we seek to expand the business along those lines, where we see the gaps,” shares Mr.Goh Soon Sinn

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 What are some of the challenges you faced while growing your business? Is there anything that you would have done differently?

Well, I’m not sure whether I would have done it differently. The nature of our business is that the volume of business that we can get from one place to not give us sufficient volume to mass-produce. So, we are compelled to some degree to look for markets outside Australia outside in particular Anzac Australia, New Zealand. So that’s the reason for setting up branches overseas especially in Europe where the market is big and more so in the USA where the market is very big with this is where the market size of USA it’s possibly about 15 times the size of Australia. Without that, I am unable to manufacture.

How has Waterco contributed to transforming the Malaysian water industry?

We did introduce the agriculture industry into the irrigation we use our pumps for irrigation purposes. And we have also used them in aquaponics as well. One of the key changes that have to be introduced is converting material from the metallic base, say for example, from bronze pumps to plastic pumps. And the industry has progressed to a stage where the mass production or the numbers are there for us to make them out of plastic, which requires a very high volume. But once they’re made, they are non-corrosive, obviously, because they’re not metal. And at the same time, the costs because of mass produce again it becomes slow. And this is how we have been able to break into this irrigation industry. But as for water treatment, there is greywater recycling and other aspects where it uses the same base of knowledge that we’ve acquired.

 Watch the video for the full interview.




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