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Dato’ Seri Farah Khan

Founder & President, The Melium Group

Text by Zunaira Saieed

A businesswoman with the iron fist and a fashion icon, Datuk Seri Dr Farah Khan is bouncing back stronger than ever after the bulk of Covid curbs were lifted. Farah, the founder and president of The Melium Group will introduce a new street luxe concept store with over 20 contemporary designer labels this year in exciting upcoming real estate spaces.

Despite famous retail names shutting their operations amid the pandemic, expansion is not a surprise move from Farah, who’s been in the fashion business for over three decades. Melium, under the stewardship of Farah, returns in 2022 with new store openings in existing real estate spaces, namely LaLaport BBCC and Pavilion Bukit Jalil.

“The opportunities here in Malaysia are incredible and Melium already houses labels such as Tod’s, Givenchy, Emilio Pucci, Roger Vivier, Weekend Max Mara, Max

Mara, Aigner and Hackett London,” says Farah. She has also introduced multi-label stores like Aseana and M Store stocking labels such as Balmain, Victoria Beckham and Mary Katrantzou. The savvy fashionista discloses more international brands will also be launched next year as well.

“This expansion will be in all new areas, and in turn there will be growth in new departments of the group. Kuala Lumpur is full of opportunities today. Many exciting things that are coming forward,” says a long- time fashion disciple. With the influx of international fashion brands coming in via the Melium Group, Farah was indeed not sitting on her laurels during the pandemic.

She was working even harder day in and day out for these new brands to be launched in the country. Farah, inspired by her trip to Paris Fashion Week the Fall of 2021 wasted no time in conceptualising and realising MIND/KIND, a concept store focusing on luxe streetwear and contemporary designer labels.


Dato Seri Farah Khan

BrilliantC Trish dangling earrings, endless brilliance diamond necklace; BrilliantC Unity solitaire ring. On Dato Seri Farah Khan wrist (from top to bottom) – BrilliantC Trish bangle, BrilliantC Apex bangle and BrilliantC Hurricane bangle.

“Paris completely blew my mind, the vibe on the street was sneakers, t-shirts, hoodies with an element of luxury, something that came across at the Givenchy show where I saw this energy up close and personal.

“Theworldisadifffferentplacenow,there’san emphasis on comfort, identity and individuality in the luxury retail sector. MIND/KIND is not just a physical retail space; it’s a community,” adds Farah. Just like other companies, the established The Melium Group – was not spared from the business disruptions during the pandemic.

Farah reveals that the first few months of the lockdown were uncertain. “However my team banded around me and we fought our way through these diffifficult years,” she says. Asked what her secret was, Farah shares mind- mapping, – a powerful technique that allows you to visualise ideas and in turn, turns them into reality.

“There are two kinds of people in the world: those who see obstacles and those who see opportunities in the exact same situation,” she adds. Getting up close and personal, she speaks about being a firm believer of ‘The Secret’ which teaches about positivity, visualisation and law of attraction.

Her interests are grounded in “wellness of mind and wellness of emotions”. Farah describes wellness as “if you think well, you will be able to live well.” But apart from that, there were also people issues that came to play during the pandemic.

“It was about being strong and to be able to help people with phone calls, with desperate voices to be able to support them,” she reveals. Farah took on a consultant role as some of her employees struggled with depression and financial issues.

Besides running the fashion empire, staying strong for others and giving immense support to her team is something she knows how to do best. In fact, balancing work and family is an uphill task. But Farah does it seemingly well.

“I plan my time very well. I also plan my key focus exactly on what I wish to achieve. So I type in all the things that are necessary to achieve on a checklist and it works very well. So, I go in understanding what I wish to get out of something.”

At the same time, she advises women to meet friends and family to communicate but concurrently also compartmentalise home life to have a fully balanced life. But retirement doesn’t exist in Farah’s dictionary despite working for more than three decades.

“Retirement is not in my character and personality. I think I will always lead the team. “There is a full balance in the way I like to live. So as long as I’m enjoying my journey and I can be of service, I will be more than delighted to be involved in work that I do,” she confides.

No doubt, Farah is a successful businesswoman with a heart. Lending support to other women to achieve their dreams and grooming young talents by giving them the opportunity to learn in the fashion line is the legacy she wants to leave behind.

Farah has also strong commitments to her community. Over the last decade, she has raised over RM17.5 million for various charities, with children’s causes being dear to her. “This is due to the efforts of the formidable women I surround myself with,” she says.

Like the very old and famous saying “Behind every successful man, there stands a woman”, Farah stresses “Behind every successful woman is the surrounding of quality people, quality thoughts, quality learning, and quality life.

Having said that, she reminds women to keep moving forward and learn from the past and defies to not look back because each day is a chance to begin again. “So don’t keep pounding it, it could be anything. It could be as easy as making a recipe. If it doesn’t work. I look at it once and if it’s making me throw it away, I won’t kill myself trying to make it six times and getting it right.”

“I’ve taken the punches with the strides. I’ve lived my life in a manner which makes me happy most of the time. “I don’t look backwards. I always look forward. I learn from what happened in the past, but I don’t grieve on edge,” advises Farah.
It is often said that you cannot be successful without a mentor, but Farah’s journey shows that this could be a myth because she is running a successful empire without one.

That said, Farah has not underestimated the value of being on her own. “I have lived my entire life by learning each day while being grateful and patient.

“In the end, I am grateful every day for where I am today and being able to come out of this pandemic through positivity. I am also grateful that I am able to give my people strength and resilience during the pandemic. These are all things which are a blessing,” she professes.

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