Dato' Ir Guntor Tobeng Shines A Light On Malaysia's Renewable Energy Sector

Dato’ Ir Guntor Tobeng Shines A Light On Malaysia’s Renewable Energy Sector

A ray of hope.

It feels odd to note that Gading Kencana Development Sdn Bhd first took root on shaky ground, given its formidable reputation within the country’s renewable energy and energy efficiency industry, but that’s exactly how Dato’ Ir Guntor Tobeng puts it to The Peak. “I started my company because of the 1997 Financial Crisis,” says the Alor Setar, Kedah-born entrepreneur, who has been running the company full-time as its Co-Founder and Managing Director since 1998. “With the stock market flattened, everything was gone – business partners proved unreliable and it was a dog-eat-dog world – so I decided to prove I could build a company on my own.”

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