Watch Tulips Bloom At The Famous Keukenhof Gardens

Watch Tulips Bloom At The Famous Keukenhof Gardens

The world-renowned Keukenhof Gardens has opened its gates so the public can virtually enjoy watching its 500 species of tulips in full bloom.

Free virtual tours are now being conducted at the renowned 32-acre Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands. Located in the town of Lisse, Keukenhof Gardens are the largest flower garden park, planting approximately 7 million bulbs a year! Its reputation has drawn visitors from all over the world with more than 1.5 million people from 100 countries recorded in 2019.

While events have been cancelled until June, the park is determined to still let its visitors behold the visual power of nature, showcasing the gardens virtually via its YouTube and its online channels. According to a press statement, “In the months leading up to Spring, a lot of hard work has gone into providing visitors with a beautiful experience. The park is already blooming beautifully and will become even more beautiful in the coming weeks. Keukenhof likes to show this to people under the slogan ‘If people cannot come to Keukenhof, we will bring Keukenhof to the people’. Keukenhof will open Virtually via the online channels. That means beautiful images of Keukenhof 2020, an explanation from the gardeners or other people who show how beautiful the park is.. Visitors can still take in the glorious sight of miles of colourful tulips in full bloom and even be taken on an extensive tour with the park’s gardeners (there are usually up to fifty workers at any given time at the park) as they explain the history of tulips and showcase the 500 different species available at the park. All videos are available on YouTube

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