Experience new heights of sight and sound with Sharp’s AQUOS The Scenes 8K

Experience new heights of sight and sound with Sharp’s AQUOS The Scenes 8K

Enjoy the luxury of a truly immersive family life as Sharp celebrates 20 years of AQUOS.

If there is one positive thing the COVID-19 pandemic has brought us, it is that we are spending more time with our loved ones. With lockdowns and working-from-home becoming the norm for most of us, it is little wonder that we are constantly looking for luxuries that make our homes more comfortable, not only for us but for our families as well.

In such times, the best additions to our homes are those that can be shared by the whole family, and this is what Sharp’s new AQUOS The Scenes 8K series offers – stunning audio-visual quality that promises an immersive experience for all in the family, whether it be home cinema, music or family memories.

Released to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Sharp’s ground-breaking AQUOS audio-visual brand, AQUOS The Scenes 8K series, comprising of the DW1X TV, in either 60in or 70in, and the C22CX1 sound bar, will enrich your family life with unparalleled quality home entertainment.

The flagship model of Sharp’s AQUOS line-up, the DW1X TV is just the thing for premium visual experiences at homes. Its 8K Ultra-High Definition resolution and Deep Chroma Display Pro, which exceeds the digital cinema colour gamut standard, turns your living room into a theatre. The colour area is also widened by two elements – Sharp’s unique high quality 8K UV2A panel with low-reflection structure and a newly developed backlight.

DW1X also boasts HDR Enhanced+, powered by Sharp’s proprietary Z2 Revelation Processor, giving you realistic and deep images. HDR Enhanced+ optimises middle tones, allowing you to easily perceive contrast, heightening the amount of light by detecting darker and brighter areas, ensuring picture quality that gives you the feeling of being there.

The AQUOS 8K Contents Downloader app allows you to wirelessly share and display 8K photos and videos shot by smartphone on the DW1X via Google Drive. The data is downloaded without loss of resolution, while the Sharp Cocoro Album performs AI recognition and automatic classification of family members, places and time to create memory folders. Similarly, you can enjoy the best of the world from video platforms that provide 8K content, including YouTube, as the DW1X series comes with the latest AV1 format adopted for 8K streaming.

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The C22CX1 series sound bar home theatre system uses OPSODIS technology which accurately simulates three-dimensional audio formats commonly used in TV, cinema and gaming. OPSODIS simulates how humans perceive sound in a real environment, controlling the time difference of the sound, allowing you to experience a natural stereophonic sound that reaches the left and right ears directly. Together, the DW1X TV and C22CX1 sound bar give you a fully immersive experience, bringing sight and sound quality that is good as the real experience.

Design-wise, the minimalist design of AQUOS The Scenes 8K fits seamlessly into your living room. Thoughtfully designed, the smooth, clean lines of AQUOS The Scenes 8K give an elegance that sits perfectly in your home, inspiring and enriching you and your family with a new entertainment reality that is in tune with the times we live in.

See the new entertainment reality of Sharp’s AQUOS The Scenes 8K series for yourself at these locations. More information of AQUOS The Scenes 8K series can be found at Sharp’s website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube 

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