This Smart Carry-on Suitcase By Samara Is The Ultimate Mobile Office For Busy Travellers

This Smart Carry-on Suitcase By Samara Is The Ultimate Mobile Office For Busy Travellers

With its own Wi-Fi Hotspot, IoT tracking solution and wireless charging port Samsara’s new smart suitcase significantly ups your travel game.

Every travelling business person needs a suitcase to hold their personal belongings. For the longest time suitcases were relatively simple products that just carried our belongings.

Just like everything else, even the humble suitcases got smarter this year and the Samsara Smart Luggage is the latest iteration of an innovative product that could change the way you travel.

Available in two sizes: 23-inch and 21-inch, Samsara’s Smart Luggage boast a host of features that include its own Wi-Fi Hotspot. This would allow business travellers to stay connected over a secured Wi-Fi Hotspot even when they are overseas thanks to Samsara’s partnership with cellular provider Monogoto.

You need not worry about losing your suitcase as the Samsara Smart Luggage has built-in tracking capabilities that allow you to find the suitcase by referring to its location via its handy mobile app. The suitcase also has a distance alert and suitcase open alert that lets you know when it gets too far away from you or it has been opened without your knowledge.

Another great feature is the inclusion of a portable wireless charging dock that is perfect for getting the latest iPhone and other supported flagship smartphones back up to full power when you need it the most.

Adding to that, the suitcase also doubles up as a portable workstation with carefully considered ergonomics that allow users to place their laptop on top of it.

According to Samsara, the Smart Luggage is currently available for pre-order on its website for USD199 (without the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature) and USD279 with it.

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